Five-year plan launched for trans equality in Britain
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Five-year plan launched for trans equality in Britain

  • Stonewall Trans Advisory Group (STAG) launches A Vision for Change

  • Calls for X marker in passports and revision of the Gender Recognition Act

  • Stonewall to launch a national campaign for trans people

  • Over 170 trans people across Britain were consulted in the making of A Vision for Change

A five-year plan to create equality for trans people in Britain has today been launched by the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group (STAG).

The plan, called ‘A Vision for Change’, aims to ensure all trans people in Britain can live full authentic lives at home, at work and in public, free from discrimination or abuse.

Priorities for trans equality outlined in A Vision for Change are grouped into three sections, transforming institutions, changing laws and empowering individuals.

These include:

  • Revision of the Gender Recognition Act to remove the process of providing medical evidence for legal gender recognition
  • Reforming the Equality Act to include ‘gender identity’ as a protected characteristic, and removing the terms ‘gender reassignment’ and ‘transsexual’
  • Legal recognition of non-binary people, including an optional ‘X’ category on passports
  • Raising awareness of transphobic hate crime, and calling for the police to ensure the public know how to report it
  • Better representation of trans people, in both the media and gender equality campaigns; and for LGBT events to be fully trans inclusive

Stonewall has also outlined the next steps it will take as an organisation to address all the priorities included in A Vision for Change.

These include:

  • Launching a national campaign to educate and inform the general population about trans people
  • Holding trans specific Role Models and Allies programmes with 20 NHS Trusts to improve trans health care
  • Producing workplace guides specifically on trans inclusive policies to ensure that businesses have the tools to support trans employees
  • Working with faith communities to ensure universal acceptance for all trans people
  • Providing teachers with training and guidance on how to support trans young people

A Vision for Change was created by the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group (STAG), a group of individuals that reflects a diverse range of trans voices and experiences and supports the integration of trans equality across Stonewall’s campaigns and programmes.

In addition to the advisory group, over 170 trans people across Britain were consulted for their thoughts on the first draft of the document, which also received extensive feedback from the parents of trans children.

This feedback, via email, face-to-face consultation meetings and phone calls helped shape A Vision for Change.

Rebecca Stinson, Head of Trans Inclusion, Stonewall said: ‘It has been fantastic to work alongside Stonewall’s Trans Advisory Group to create A Vision for Change, which marks a huge milestone for the equality of all trans people everywhere.

‘Collaborating with trans people across Britain in consultation meetings was extremely important for drafting this document, as we want it to represent the views of our entire community.

‘A Vision for Change will shape and lead Stonewall’s ongoing work around trans equality, with the support of the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group, and I’m confident that it will help us work towards a world where all trans people can be accepted without exception.’

Surat-Shaan Knan, Stonewall Trans Advisory Group, said: ‘A Vision for Change is a document that everyone can engage with and use to understand the landscape of trans equality in Britain, and think about their role in progressing it.

‘The document, however, is just a starting point. We still have lots to do, and I hope that everyone will join Stonewall and the Trans Advisory Group on this journey, in ensuring that all trans people can live full and authentic lives not just in Britain, but across the world.’

You can read the full document, A Vision for Change, at

Learn more about the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group at: