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Network Group Masterclass programme

This programme is designed to give you the tools and confidence to enable both you and your LGBTQ+ network to reach your potential. 

If you haven't got your tickets for the Masterclass, taking place digitally on 15 July, you can find out more about the event and book now

The programme

Welcome - Introduction from Nancy Kelley, Stonewall CEO (10:00-10:30)

Nancy will welcome everyone to the day and share her thoughts and reflections on LGBTQ+ leadership and the power of LGBTQ+ network groups. We'll also have a welcome from our host who'll explain how the day will run and how to engage with the programme. 

Panel Discussion - Inclusive Leadership (10:30-11:15)

As leaders of network groups we have a responsibility to ensure that our leadership style contributes to the creation of a network group that is inclusive, especially of the most marginalised members of our community. During this panel we’ll hear from network group leaders what inclusive leadership means to them and how they continue to develop their leadership practice.  

A photograph of panelist Charles Wild, seated cross legged in a light blue chair, wearing a dark blue blazer and skirt, black shirt tights and heels.

Charles Wild - he/him/they/them - International Development Director -Grant Thornton - LGBT+ Network Convenor 2019-21

Non-Binary Trans* and Pansexual, Charles Wild was named Bi Role Model of the Year 2020 by Stonewall. In their role as Convenor for Grant Thornton's LGBT+ Network between 2019-20, Charles sought to ensure that the network was inclusive as possible for bi+ and trans* people, being the first openly trans* person in their firm. During their tenure, Charles  implemented a transitioning at work policy, updated the firm's dress code and launched an 'Inclusion Allies' programme and a LGBT+ reverse mentoring scheme for the firm's senior leaders. A proud husband and father of two wonderful daughters, Charles expresses their non-binary gender publically and is resolutely proud of their sexuality.

A photograph of panelist Dr Chris McLeod, in an office setting, wearing glasses and a black jumper and blazer over a white shirt.

Dr Chris McLeod - he/him - University Teacher in Psychology - Loughborough University - LGBT+ Staff Network Chair

Between 2017-2019, Chris was the LGBT+ Officer at Loughborough Students' Union where he led committees of students to engage the university to make systemic changes to improve the experience of LGBT+ staff and students, as well as to drive awareness of LGBT+ people and history through events and campaigns. He was part of the LGBT+ committee that won the National Society Award for best Welfare and Inclusivity Group in 2017, and in 2020 Chris was the recipient of an Outstanding Contribution Award for services to welfare and diversity on the Loughborough campus. He is now the Chair of the LGBT+ Staff Network at Loughborough University, a role he undertakes alongside his position as a chartered psychologist and academic researching in the field of eating behaviour.

A photograph of panelist Florence Nastri, seated infront of a brick wall, wearing a white shirt and green trousers.

Florence Nastri - she/her - Client Account Executive - Stonewall - Mental Health and Wellbeing Network Co-Chair

Hi there! I'm Florence, my pronouns are she/her and I am a Client Account Executive at Stonewall as well as the Co-Chair of our Mental Health and Wellbeing Network. Not only do I spend my time stressing the importance of Network Groups being in place at other organisations, I experience firsthand how great a Network can be for supporting one another and ensuring that Senior Leadership, HR and Line Managers are supporting staff too. I hope you all find the masterclass super helful and thank you for your commitment to supporting your LGBTQ+ colleagues!

A photograph of panelist Mariama Wurie, smiling and wearing a green flowery dress in an outdoor location with trees and flowers in the background.

Mariama Wurie - she/her - Data Analyst - Google - Intersectional Justice Working Group Lead

Hi, my name is Mariama! Pronouns are she/her. I'm a proud Black, Queer woman (with a bit of a sweet tooth) who loves all things data and uplifting the QTIPOC community. By day, I work as a Data Scientist tackling big problems with analytics. And in line with my passion for DEI, by night I am one of the leads for the Intersectional Justice Working Group at Google where I work with the most inspiring people to make intersectionality a priority at our company. My life dream is to use data to answer the biggest qiestions facing marginalised communities (I've tried once with a project about COVID) and (maybe) open up a Black Woman owned yoga studio. 

Break (11:15-11:30)

Workshop - Network Group Leadership (11:30-13:00)

Being an LGBTQ+ network group leader is a fairly unique role for a range of reasons. This session, designed by the team behind Stonewall’s flagship leadership programme, will provide a chance to reflect on your leadership. During this session, you'll be split into smaller learning sets each with a team of Stonewall facilitators. We’ll look at how identity shapes our leadership and how to be guided by our values to create models of leadership that really work for LGBTQ+ people. We’ll also work together to share our experience and expertise around the specific challenges and opportunities inherent to our role.  

Lunch (13:00-14:00)

Workshop One (14:00-15:00)

You'll have the opportunity to choose one interactive workshop from a choice of three. The topics are; engaging allies, supporting diverse networks, developing strong strategy and governance. There's more detail on these workshops below but they'll provide practical advice and insights from other organisations. 

Networking Session (15:00-15:15)

These facilitated networking opportunities provide you with a chance to learn and share best practice with other attendees around specific topics and to make connections with other network group leaders. You can choose one from a list of three topics including; wellbeing, senior leadership buy-in and community engagement, there’s more information on each topic below.  

Break (15:30-15:45)

Workshop Two (15:45-16:45)

You'll have the opportunity to choose one interactive workshop from a choice of three. The topics are; engaging allies, supporting diverse networks, developing strong strategy and governance. There's more detail on these workshops below but they'll provide practical advice and insights from other organisations. 

Close (16:45-17:00)

Session Information

Workshop Descriptions

These interactive workshops tackle some of the most common challenges facing LGBTQ+ networks. You’ll hear from Stonewall, expert speakers and other delegates who’ll support you to create a practical action plan that’s tailored to your context.  

Workshop One: Engaging allies in LGBTQ+ Network Group Activities  

Engaging allies will always be a critical element of creating a more inclusive organisation. They’re also able to support and amplify the work of a network group, broadening your reach and taking on some tasks. However, it can be challenging to engage people outside of the community and provide them with meaningful ways to engage while maintaining a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ people.  

Through attending this workshop you will:  

  • Understand more about creative ways to engage allies in your network group 
  • Discuss how to provide meaningful opportunities for allies to engage with your activities as well as chances to learn about LGBTQ+ equality 
  • Explore practical strategies to ensure you’re engaging allies from a diverse range of communities 

Workshop Two: Developing and maintaining an inclusive LGBTQ+ Network Group 

LGBTQ+ Network Groups should support and represent everyone in the LGBTQ+ community. However, in many organisations they struggle to reach more marginalised members of the LGBTQ+ community. This workshop will provide space to critically engage with your work to better understand how to sustain an inclusive network group.  

Through attending this workshop you will:  

  • Understand more about some of the barriers to participation among more marginalised LGBTQ+ people  
  • Discuss practical steps you can take to ensure that your LGBTQ+ network is a welcoming and inclusive space  
  • Explore opportunities for inter-network collaboration to support a more intersectional approach to your work 

Workshop Three: Planning for Success: Developing a strong strategy and governance framework

LGBTQ+ networks can be a transformational force within an organisation. To create long-term and sustainable impact however, it’s critical that the governance that underpins them sets them up for success. It’s also critical to have a longer term strategic vision that will develop your work in line with your goals over time.  

Through attending this workshop you will:  

  • Explore different models of governance to understand how to establish or develop your own  
  • Discuss how to develop and implement a meaningful network group strategy  
  • Understand more about how to measure your impact as an LGBTQ+ network group 

Networking Sessions  

During these facilitated network sessions you’ll be able to make the most of the expertise of other delegates and share your own ideas on a range of topics.  


LGBTQ+ networks play a vital part in supporting LGBTQ+ people’s wellbeing. After an incredibly difficult year this function is more important than ever. Here we’ll share ideas and reflections on how to ensure your network nurtures the wellbeing of it’s members.  

Senior leadership buy-in  

Leadership buy in is invaluable for a network group, but for a range of reasons it can be challenging to ensure those at the top of an organisation understand their role in supporting the network group. Here we’ll share strategies and reflections on how to better engage your leadership team.  

Community engagement  

Understanding the community that your organisation is part of and engaging key groups or individuals within that community in a meaningful way ensures you’re having an impact beyond your workplace. Here we’ll share useful approaches and lessons we’ve learnt that have helped to develop our community engagement work.   

If you haven't got your tickets for the Masterclass you can find out more about the event and book now