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Trans parenting rights

The laws on parenting rights when a child is conceived through artificial insemination place a focus on biological sex rather than gender identity. 

Legal parents for children conceived through donor insemination

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act (2008) sets out who a child's legal parents will be when conceived through donor insemination. This legislation was particularly significant for same-sex couples as it allowed, for the first time, a child to have two mums or two dads named as legal parents. 

Under UK law, a child can only have two legal parents although a number of people can hold parental responsibility. For children conceived through donor insemination, who the legal parents are will depend on the circumstances at the time a child is conceived.

Fertility law experts Natalie Gamble Associates provide useful information on how these rules apply to trans people on their website; 

Other useful sources of support 

You can find local LGBT-friendly solicitors and other useful contacts through Stonewall's online database What's In My Area.

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