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Student Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Student FAQs

We receive a lot of enquiries from school and university students asking for our help with their projects and essays. Although we’d love to be able to help with specific enquiries, we just don’t have the staff or time to do that.

But we don’t want to leave you high and dry as we appreciate your interest in our work and the LGBT community. So, we hope the answers below will help in some way.

What’s the UK’s LGBT population?

There’s very little reliable data about the size of the LGBT population. The government estimate it’s 5-7% of the population of England and Wales. In 2002, the adult population in England and Wales was around 42.1 million, so the government’s 5-7% estimate would mean an LGB population of between 2.10 million and 2.95 million.

Don’t forget that this figure is only for England and Wales and doesn’t include trans people.

What’s the UK’s trans population?

At the moment there is no official figure on the number of trans people in the UK. Government figures have tentatively suggested an estimate of 200,000-500,000 people but this figure isn’t based on any robust data.

Have you got any statistics on ...?

We’ve done loads of research on all aspects of the lived experiences of LGBT people in the UK. You’ll find the figures you need on our research page

If you use our research or statistics in your project, please credit Stonewall and give the name and date of the report.

Why does Stonewall only refer to LGBT?

Our mission is to create a world where everyone can be who they are, wherever they are. We use the broad umbrella terms of lesbian, gay, bi and trans rather than specifying the different identities, like non-binary or gender fluid.

Language is very important when discussing LGBT issues, so you might find our glossary of terms useful.

What resources do you have?

We’ve a broad range of resources, from guides to posters and best practice advice to toolkits, placards and reports. They cover community issues, schools and our international work and they’re all free to download. All we ask is that you credit us if you quote from them.

Take a look at our international resources 

Take a look at our community resources

Take a look at our education resources 

Take a look at our research

Can I interview someone from Stonewall for my project?

As Europe’s largest LGBT charity, we get a lot of requests for interviews and quotes, but we simply don’t have the resources to respond to them. We’re sure you’ll understand that we have to use our time challenging discrimination and championing equality.  

If you’d like to get our opinion on a particular subject, check out our blog Stonewall Says or follow us on social media.





Can you find me someone to interview from outside Stonewall?

Our resources are limited so we can’t put you in touch with our networks or use our website or social media feeds to find people to help with your project. If you need to interview someone to get their experiences of being LGBT, get in touch with a local LGBT group. The “What’s in my area” page of our website lists groups and activities across the country.

What’s Stonewall’s history?

We’ve been working for LGBT equality since 1989 and have made a real difference to the lives of LGBT people in the UK and around the world.

Take a look at our timeline which picks out key dates and milestones in our history. 

If you want to see some of the campaign materials we used to bring about changes in the law and in attitudes, you can find a good selection in the Stonewall archive at Bishopsgate Institute.

Where can I find out more about LGBT history?

LGBT people have a long and fascinating history, much of it now documented in various archives and libraries. Some of this material is also available online.

Bishopsgate Institute

Hall Carpenter, London

Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive

LGBT History at London Metropolitan Archives

Speak Out London

Can you fund my project?

As a charity, our funds are limited and need to be spent on helping us win acceptance without exception. Although we can’t help you with funding for your project, there are other organisations which have funding pots and might be interested so search online. Funding Central could be a good place to start. Other organisations, like Volunteering Matters, can help you find other people to support your project.

We hope these answers help you find what you’re looking for. If you still need a specific answer, or need support or advice, please complete the form here.