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Global Trans Inclusion Award 2020

Being able to live authentically, including at work, can have a huge positive impact on a trans individual. Ensuring trans staff are well supported, wherever they work, allows staff to flourish and shows that an organisation is truly committed to LGBT equality.

Winner: Baker McKenzie

Baker McKenzie have shown exemplary commitment to championing trans inclusion in the workplace. The firm have implemented a number of trans-inclusive practices, and their global transitioning at work policy is not only explicitly inclusive of non-binary identities, it also ensures that trans and non-binary staff are supported wherever they work in the world.

The firm also used their people survey to roll out data collection questions which are inclusive of trans and non-binary identities, and were sure to assess the territories in which it would be legal and safe to collect the data beforehand. Ultimately, they were able to collect this information in over 80 office locations worldwide.

The firm also demonstrated an impressive and nuanced approach to trans inclusion at a country-specific level. In Brazil, for example, they offer trans-specific employee healthcare benefits.

They have also partnered with a trans-specific Non-Governmental Organisation to drive inclusive recruitment practice, and a similar partnership in the Philippines has also been initiated. In both Venezuela and the Philippines, Baker McKenzie have organised trans inclusion events to engage employees and build understanding of trans identities, and recently they provided trans inclusion training in Russia.

We are thrilled to recognise Baker McKenzie with Stonewall’s Global Trans Inclusion Award 2020.

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