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Global LGBT Network Award 2020

Employee-led LGBT network groups bring together LGBT staff to advance sexual orientation and gender identity equality across organisations and their operational countries. A co-ordinated global LGBT network links local chapters and supports the growth of new local groups.

Winner: Allen & Overy

Allen & Overy’s global LGBT network, A&Out, has local chapters in 33 territories, covering a wide range of countries. A&Out provide strong guidance on how to set up local LGBT network chapters, listing everything from imperative safety considerations to the types of support available from within Allen and Overy.

A&Out’s local chapters take great care to ensure network activities represent a diverse range of identities. For example, to mark Bi Visibility Day in 2019, A&Out published a global resource called ‘The B in LGBT+’, which included personal accounts of coming out as bi in a global workplace. There was also a Trans Day of Visibility event organised by the network chapter in Sydney.

The success of the network is a result of close collaboration between the global diversity team, senior leaders and in-country LGBT organisations. By consistently engaging across the organisation, A&Out is able to balance global messaging around LGBT inclusion with meaningful and nuanced in-country activity.

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