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Global LGBT Inclusion Live Stream

From the Stonewall London Workplace Conference 2020

We know that you understand the value of embedding equality in everything an organisation does. However, differing legal and social contexts means we can’t take a one size fits all approach to global equality.

Join the Stonewall London Workplace Conference 2020 on 3 April from anywhere in the world using our global streaming service. 

Your global dial in ticket allows you to learn and share best practice from across the globe and get exclusive live access and recordings of the sessions.


The programme

We will be streaming a full day of content from the event, including the opening and closing sessions and three interactive sessions on global LGBT inclusion. Our sessions are designed by Stonewall experts featuring speakers from leading organisations who’ll provide you with the latest best practice to build practical action plans. Content will run from 09:30-16:30 BST.

We’ll be covering the following topics:

Workshop A: Global agents of change: An introduction to global business advocacy for LGBT equality

Discussion B: Securing leadership across borders: Making the case for LGBT inclusion globally

Workshop C: Taking pride in global partnerships: Collaborating with LGBT organisations internationally

Facilitators will use a range of tools to help you participate in these sessions including live polling and remote Q&A access.


How does it work?

After you purchase your ticket(s) you’ll receive personalised usernames and passwords for each ticket and a link to the streaming platform.

On 3 April this link will enable you to watch the global conference content live on our portal and to participate in interactive elements including polls and Q&As using digital tools.

After the event, your unique username and password will give you exclusive access to the recordings of each session so you can catch up on any you missed or revisit particularly relevant sessions with your team.



  One Ticket Three Ticket bundle
Global Champions £40 £100
Diversity Champions £50 £120
Non-member £60 £150

Please note that all prices exclude tax which is charged at 20% and will be added at checkout. 

Dial in tickets will not enable you to attend the event in person and will only enable you to view the sessions on global LGBT inclusion. If you’d like to join us in London on 3 April and/or would like to attend other sessions, you’ll need to purchase a physical ticket, find out more.

Dial in tickets are available free to non-profit organisations working on LGBT rights, if you think you would qualify for a free ticket please drop us an email to and tell us a little about yourself. 


Frequently asked questions

What sessions will I see on the live stream?

On the stream you’ll see the opening session, followed by three sessions on global LGBT inclusion, you’ll then see the closing session. Each session will be available to watch as a recording after the event.

Can more than one person use my username and password?

No, only one log in is permitted with each username and password combination. If you’re all in the same place you could book a meeting room and show the event on a larger screen. If you and your colleagues are in different places our ticket bundles are great value and everyone will get their own log in.

Do I need any special equipment to access the live stream?

All you’ll need is an internet connection. The stream will be hosted on a web page that can be accessed in any browser and can be played on your phone, tablet, computer or laptop. The team at the venue are very experienced in streaming events and have made sure the system is reliable and easy to use.

What if my time zone means I’ll miss most sessions?

After the event you’ll have access to all of the recordings of the sessions on the portal using your log in information, so you’ll still be able to watch anything that you miss on the day. You can even use them as training resources with your team.

Do I have to watch the whole stream?

No, you can turn the stream on and off whenever works for you. You’ll have access to all the sessions as recordings afterwards if you miss anything that you’d like to see.

If I buy a bundle do we all need to be in the same place?

No, you just need to give us the email addresses of your colleagues and they’ll be sent their own personalised links with log in details.

Will all the content at the event be streamed?

We’ll only be streaming our sessions on global LGBT inclusion this year as we recognise that it might be harder for those outside of the UK to travel to the event. We hope to be able to create more digital content in the coming years.

If I attend the event in person can I still attend these global sessions?

Yes, if you attend in person you’ll be able to book one or more of these sessions and participate in them live. 

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