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Global Community Engagement Award 2020

As the situation for LGBT people globally is nuanced and ever-changing, the best global employers make engaging with local LGBT communities and non-profit organisations integral to their approach to LGBT equality. Partnerships with local LGBT communities enable organisations to contribute to wider social change and identify risks and opportunities within countries.

Winner: Accenture

Accenture continues to show leading practice with their LGBT community engagement around the world. They have spent the last three years consulting with in-country and regional human rights organisations to better understand the landscape for LGBT communities in 100 percent of their operational locations.

The strategy behind this has been driven by their global Inclusion and Diversity team, who created a global scorecard to ensure all countries, irrespective of the local context, are focusing on driving LGBT equality and aligning efforts around tangible and impactful actions.

One of them is to ensure strong partnerships are built with third-party partners in line with core values and priorities. This scorecard is shared and reviewed with the Accenture Global Management Committee, the executive leadership team.Securing a partnership with a civil society organisation in a country or region is now a prerequisite to any external advocacy work that Accenture wishes to engage in.

In 2019, key community engagement activities included marching in Prides in Budapest and Athens, as well as hosting several 'LGBT Leaders Learning’ sessions in partnership with Non-Governmental Organisations in Poland, Argentina and Japan. These sessions also included a specific focus on the experience of bi people in those countries.

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