Global Ally Programme Award
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Global Ally Programme Award: Accenture

Global Ally Programme Award

The term ‘ally’ describes people who believe in, and act to advance, LGBT equality. This can include straight and cis people (people who are not trans), as well as members of the LGBT community. Many employers recognise that allies are essential to create inclusive and supportive workplace environments for LGBT employees around the world. Increasingly, employers are implementing formal programmes so employees can be visible advocates for LGBT equality within their organisation.

More than 32,000 allies across 51 countries form part of Accenture’s global allies programme. The programme receives top-level support and is sponsored by Accenture Chief Information Officer Andrew Wilson. A global communication campaign is run each year to recruit new allies across the organisation. Allies have access to an online portal, videos, resources and context-adaptable workshop materials to learn how to best support the LGBT community. They are also given merchandise such as rainbow lanyards as well as online tools to make their support visible. A mentoring programme in partnership with Accenture’s LGBT employee network allows allies to build relationships and act as mentors or mentees to other LGBT staff or allies.

'We are honoured to receive this award on behalf of our 30,000+ allies who are empowered to be visible, vocal and active supporters of the LGBT community both inside and outside of work. Our people are able to bring their authentic selves to work because of them.” Andrew Wilson, Chief Information Officer and Global Pride Network Sponsor.