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Alumni Programme

A programme to support previous programme participants to become active change agents in the workplace and community.

Welcome to the Stonewall Alumni Programme!

Attending a Stonewall Empowerment Programme can be an incredible and affirming experience for many participants. Whatever programme you attended, we want you to come away from it feeling re-energised, empowered, seen and active. You developed a set of actions during the last part of the programme to help you promote inclusion in your workplace and community, and we encourage you to keep building on these.

So, what’s next now that you’re alumni? Find out more below and the different ways you can interact with us!


We know that people perform better when they can be themselves.

We also know that being an active change agent is an important role to enable equality in the workplace and at home. That’s why we created the Stonewall Alumni programme to support your journey post programme.

With the Senior Empowerment Programmes Partnerships Manager as your dedicated point of contact, we’ll support the alumni journey in a number of ways to build a community of active LGBT allies, leaders and role models to ensure that all LGBT people, here and abroad are accepted without exception.


Who are Stonewall Alumni?

The alumni we’ll be working with this year (2018 – 2019) are programme participants of the Role Models, Allies, Trans Allies and Leadership Programmes. There are a number of exciting ways that we can work together, but ultimately you get to choose how the Alumni Programme can work for you from the options below.


What does this programme offer?

Connect and build your network

You'll have access to:

  • An exclusive quarterly newsletter which has a section looking back on some of the highlights from across the year within the LGBT community and other alumni, as well as a ‘Looking Ahead’ section where you can keep up to date with key dates in the LGBT calendar and plan your events in advance.
  • An online network of empowered peers from across a range of sectors and communities
  • The Stonewall Alumni Facebook page which will enable you to connect with other Stonewall Alumni. This will be a hub of activity and updates, so make sure you join!

Engage and get involved

You'll be able to:

  • Attend Alumni reunions and other Stonewall events, such as the Stonewall Workplace Conferences in London, Manchester or Scotland.
  • Read and share our library of research and best-practice guides.
  • Get involved with other areas of Stonewall’s work. The Alumni Programme can be tailored to fit you and your interests.

Become a catalyst for change

You'll have the opportunity to:

Alumni testimonials 

Tashan and Cairo are both Stonewall alumni after attending Stonewall’s BAME/PoC LGBT Role Models Programme between 2017 and 2018. These are free community programmes where LGBT people of colour can come together as a collective and have the opportunity to reflect on what being a person of colour and LGBT means to them, explore the challenges BAME/PoC LGBT face in society and celebrate BAME/PoC LGBT identities. Click on each video testimonial to hear about their experience of the programme.

One of the great ways we can help support and harness your alumni journey is working with you to share your experience of the programme. We would be keen to capture your experience and insights of the programme on film or in a blog post. Sharing your story with others is a great way of building your network and empowering others to see themselves as role models or allies, too. With your consent, the video testimonials or blog will be used on Stonewall’s website for educational purposes only. If you’re interested in sharing your insights with others, please get in touch with us at

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about the Alumni Programme, please contact