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What local authorities say

 Nottinghamshire County Council

Working with Stonewall has given us a much needed sense of direction and inspired lots of people within the local authority to take the bull by the horns and make sure it is high on everybody's agenda. It has brought our practice into sharper focus and I am certain we wouldn't have travelled as far as we have in a relatively short time were it not for our involvement in the programme. The support from our Stonewall Consultant has been the most valuable resource - she's kept us inspired, enthused and determined. It has been one of the best pieces of work I have personally ever been involved in and I would recommend the programme unreservedly.

Sarah Lee, Team Manager – Achievement and Equality, Nottinghamshire County Council


Bath & North East Somerset Council

The Education Champions Programme has been invaluable to us and I only wish we'd been involved in it sooner. Not only has it helped us to monitor and address LGBT issues in schools and other settings but it has provided us with an excellent self-evaluation tool which has supported us with our Equalities work as a whole. It's enabled us to link up with other Local Authorities and share good practice via Stonewall, who are also brilliant at supporting, suggesting and signposting if we have a gap in provision or a query. Being a Stonewall Education Champion has also given status to our work and has enhanced partnership work across the Local Authority. Excellent value for money!

Kate Murphy, Anti-Bullying Lead, Bath & North East Somerset Council


Norfolk County Council

Norfolk joined the Stonewall Education Champions programme in November 2012 and we are proud of what we have achieved so far. Schools are celebrating different families, challenging homophobic bullying and reporting a reduction in homophobic language. The support we have received from Stonewall has been phenomenal and they have been with us every step of the way. They have helped to shape our vision and actions and always been ready to support with training, conferences and resources. Our Stonewall point of contact has a wealth of knowledge and without her expertise we would not be where we are now. The work we are doing is recognised and valued by all and more importantly is making a significant difference to young people who are LGB.

Rita Adair, Senior Lead Educational Psychologist, Norfolk County Council