Fundraising with Rainbow Laces
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What you can do

Fundraising with Rainbow Laces

As well as being a great campaigning tool for making sport everyone’s game, you can use Rainbow Laces to fundraise at your school, university or local community group.

Sell Rainbow Laces

Get your school, university, local community group or work colleagues all laced up for LGBT equality by selling Rainbow Laces. It couldn’t be simpler:

  • Buy Rainbow Laces from our online shop
  • If you’re a school, community group or part of a student union, you could be entitled to a special discounted rate (£1 a lace bulk orders). Register here
  • Sell them for the RRP of £3
  • Donate all the proceeds to Stonewall

We sold Rainbow Laces at lunch ... We managed to sell about 20 in as many minutes! Our school was overwhelmingly supportive with hundreds of people coming in mufti and many people wrote heart-warming messages on our ‘Love is Love’ mural. Our humanities and library department themed their areas LGBT+ for the event!

Pate’s Grammar School

Set yourself a challenge

Walking, running, cycling, wheeling, skating, blading … it’s all great exercise. You can do it everywhere, it’s social and it saves on bus fares. Turn your walk to the shops or the train station into a fundraising opportunity. Choose how far you want to walk in a week, month or year and set a fundraising target. Get others to sponsor you, lace up your shoes and you’re off. How far will you go for equality?

How to fundraise

  • Buy a pair of Rainbow Laces
  • Create an online giving page
  • Set your own challenge. 30 miles in 30 days? 10,000 steps a day for one month?
  • Set your fundraising target

Lace up for a 24-hour challenge

Tackle stereotypes in your community with a whole school challenge. Use your school hall, university campus or office for a danceathon, bounce-athon, hop-athon, Zumba-thon, cycle-athon, skip-athon ... need we say more? Decide on the length of time – 8 hour, 12 hour, 24 hour – and take shifts. Get everyone involved and make sure the action never stops!

How to fundraise

Ask for small donations from friends and family to sponsor you for the challenge

Or set up an online giving page and ask people to donate in the same way

Holding an event to support Stonewall is a great opportunity to show all students that you care about LGBT equality. It’s a fantastic way to bring everyone together.

Nick, Activity and Events Officer, University College London, 2016-2017

Rainbow Laces sports tournament

Part of a sports club or recreational team? Then celebrate LGBT people in sport with Rainbow Laces. Having an entire team lace up for a practice, game or tournament sends a strong message to LGBT players and fans that they can be themselves.

How to fundraise

Tip: play a sport that doesn’t require laces? Get creative! We’ve seen everything from rainbow hockey sticks to wickets and hair plaited with Rainbow Laces.

Contact us

If you’ve any questions or would like support planning your fundraising event, get in touch with the team at or call 020 7953 347.


Visit our online shop to buy Rainbow Laces and other Stonewall merchandise.

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