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What you can do
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Digital Learning Series Programme

This programme will give you the tools, confidence and network to advance LGBT inclusion in your organisation.

We all have different working patterns and learn in different ways. We’ll be delivering four kinds of content so you can design a programme that suits your work and helps address the challenges you face. You'll also have access to most of this content right up until the end of September so you can revisit things you missed or learn something new.

At the bottom of the page you can find out more about each content type. Please note that you'll have acccess to all five workshops and coffee breaks but, as they're highly facilitated sessions, you'll have to select one knowledge sharing session to attend.

The programme


15-19 June

Workshop: Championing bi inclusion at work (Tuesday 16 June 2-3:30pm BST)

Resource release: Introduction to the new Stonewall CEO (Wednesday 17 June)

Knowledge sharing: Using training to embed LGBT inclusion (Thursday 18 June 11-12:15 BST)

Coffee break: Celebrating pride remotely (Friday 19 June 3-4pm BST)


22-26 June

Workshop: Creating workplaces that are inclusive of BAME LGBT people (Tuesday 23 June 2-3:30pm BST)

Resource release: Living your values – insights from GSK our event partner (Wednesday 24 June)

Knowledge sharing: Procurement: Embedding LGBT inclusion in your supply chain (Thursday 25 June 12-1:15 BST)

Coffee break: Inclusive leadership in practice(Friday 26 June 3-4pm BST)


29 June - 3 July

Workshop: Effective community engagement (Tuesday 30 June 12-1:30pm BST or Collaborating with LGBT organisations internationally (Tuesday 30 June 2-3:30pm BST)

Resource release: The Shut Out Report: learning from the findings interview (Wednesday 1 July)

Knowledge sharing: Championing trans inclusion as a senior leader (exclusively for those in leadership positions) (Thursday 2 July 1-2:15 BST)

Coffee break: Fundraising for LGBT Equality (Friday 3 July 3-4pm BST)


6-10 July

Workshop: Engaging LGBT network groups with dispersed members (Tuesday 7 July 2-3:30pm BST)

Resource release: Using your influence to support trans equality (Wednesday 8 July)

Knowledge sharing: Increasing engagement with monitoring initiatives (Thursday 9 July 2-3:15)

Coffee break: Leading an LGBT network group (Friday 10 July 3-4pm BST)


13-17 July

Workshop: Creating non-binary inclusive workplaces (Tuesday 14 July 2-3:30pm BST)

Resource release: Role model interview (Wednesday 15 July)

Knowledge sharing: Recruiting LGBT talent (Thursday 16 July 3-4:15)

Coffee break: Supporting good mental health for LGBT people at work (Friday 17 July 3-4pm BST)


Content types


These are 1-hour interactive sessions hosted on Zoom. You’ll hear from Stonewall experts and other leading organisations. We'll also guide you through exercises to help you share ideas and create a practical action plan. After the live session we’ll upload a pre-record of the content and explainers of the exercises in case you weren’t able to join us.

Knowledge sharing

These are highly facilitated small group sessions. We’ll be joined by a subject matter expert from the Stonewall team and a facilitator who’ll guide you through exercises to gather best practice and share experiences. After the session you’ll get a roundup of the information and ideas shared. Please note that as spaces on these sessions are limited, you’ll only be able to book one of the five sessions.

Resource release

This is your chance to hear from different experts on a range of topics. Each week we’ll share a video interview where one of our network of event contributors will share their experience and expertise to help inform and inspire your work.

Coffee break

Community has always been central to working towards LGBT equality. While we can’t meet face to face right now, we’re hoping these coffee breaks will help us stay connected. They’re informal sessions, we’ll be joined by a speaker and you’ll have chance to ask questions and discuss the topic we’re tackling.


Accessing the content

All content will be hosted on the event portal. Once you register for the event, you’ll receive a link to log in.

Each week we’ll send you a reminder of what’s coming up that week and we’ll let you know when bookings open for the knowledge sharing sessions.

Within the portal we’ll use tools such as Mural, Zoom and to make sure the content is engaging and interactive. If you’ve not used these tools before there will be plenty of guidance available.

The portal is live now and will stay open until the end of September. Before we start delivering content on 16 June there’s a selection of exclusive new resources themed around adapting to the COVID-19 crisis which you can read. You’ll also be able to download the event app to start networking with other delegates.

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