London Workplace Conference 2020 Programme | Stonewall
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London Workplace Conference 2020 Programme

This programme will give you the tools and confidence to advance LGBT inclusion in your organisation.

Sessions are arranged into themes to help you plan your day, however, you are free to choose any combination of sessions.

Sessions A and C are interactive workshops, which will give you the chance to hear from Stonewall inclusion experts and leading organisations as well as time to create practical action plans that work in your context.

Session B is a discussion session, which will give you an opportunity to learn more about a topic through hearing perspectives from a range of speakers and having a chance to ask your own questions.

You can choose three sessions from any theme, one A session, one B and one C. Session registration will open in March and delegates who have booked will be notified by email and asked to select their sessions.

If you haven't yet got your tickets book now to learn best practice on LGBT workplace inclusion or find out more about the event.

Advancing Trans Inclusion

WORKSHOP A: Engaging all staff in trans inclusion

DISCUSSION B: Building trans-inclusive LGBT network groups

WORKSHOP C: Creating non-binary inclusive workplaces

Advancing LGBT Inclusion Globally

These sessions will be streamed live and available as a recording after the session to those with global dial in tickets, find out more here.

WORKSHOP A: Global agents of change: an introduction to global business advocacy for LGBT equality

DISCUSSION B: Securing leadership across borders: making the case for LGBT inclusion globally

WORKSHOP C: Taking pride in global partnerships: collaborating with LGBT organisations internationally

Supporting Your Staff

WORKSHOP A: Using training to embed LGBT inclusion

DISCUSSION B: Engaging LGBT Young People

WORKSHOP C: Working with dispersed LGBT network groups

Looking Beyond Your Organisation

WORKSHOP A: Engaging clients and customers with LGBT inclusion

DISCUSSION B: Working with LGBT Service Users

WORKSHOP C: Delivering LGBT-inclusive services

Laying Strong Foundations

WORKSHOP A: Procurement: Embedding LGBT inclusion in your supply chain

DISCUSSION B: How to increase engagement with monitoring initiatives

WORKSHOP C: Recruiting LGBT talent

Understanding and Celebrating Identities

WORKSHOP A: Championing bi inclusion at work

DISCUSSION B: Effective community engagement

WORKSHOP C: Creating workplaces that are inclusive of BAME LGBT people

Championing LGBT Inclusion as a Senior Leader

Please note that sessions A and B in this stream are only open to senior leaders and are followed by an exclusive networking lunch, to book a place please  email us .

WORKSHOP A: Embedding LGBT inclusion in your leadership

DISCUSSION B: Championing trans inclusion as a senior leader

WORKSHOP C: Getting reverse mentoring right


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