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Digital Vigil for Trans Day of Remembrance

CN: Transphobia, death

November 20th is Trans day of Remembrance. It is a day to remember those whose lives have been taken by transphobia in the past year.

The vigil will be streamed online via the Outside Project's Virtual Community Center:

The event will start at 6pm with our host Mizz Kimberley, followed by several guest speakers including Aquila Hope.

Then we will read out the names of those who have lost their lives. After we have read those names we will have a minute of silence and light candles to honor those who have passed.

We will then have a short break with music. This is the time for those who are not comfortable with religious aspects of vigils to leave.

The event will close with prayers and blessings from multiple religions.

There will be trained counsellors, who are trans themselves, available throughout the event to support anyone struggling.

We will be centering the experiences and voices of those most harmed by transphobia including: trans women, trans fems, trans people of colour and trans sex workers.

If you would like to be involved in the event as a speaker, name reader or prayer reader; or if you have any queries please contact