England local council elections 2018
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What you can do
Come Out For LGBT

England local council elections 2018

Lots of the big issues that affect us aren’t just decided at Westminster.

The decisions our councils make affect the lives of LGBT people – from whether or not local LGBT youth groups are well funded, to what we can do to keep our streets safe and how LGBT people should be treated by public services.

These are decisions that really matter.
These are decisions that affect you every day.

There are lots of different ways that you can get involved in changing things for the better. You can take part in local consultations and provide feedback on the services you use – whether they’re good or bad.

 But your vote really matters.

In the 2014 local elections, more than 64 per cent of those who could vote didn’t. That’s over 13 million people - including LGBT people and their allies - who didn’t make themselves heard.

That’s why it’s so important that LGBT people and our allies come out voting on 3 May.

Your voice can make a difference. Your council can change LGBT people’s lives – but only if you ask them to.

Read Stonewall’s guide on how to stand up for LGBT equality in local government below.

Your Voice Matters: Standing up for LGBT equality in local government