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Come Out For LGBT - Daniel Holt

Daniel Holt


I think that we still have a long way to go to get real LGBT equality. The fight for marriage equality is not over until the same rules and procedures are applied universally. LGBT people still face oppression and discrimination and are often victims of hate crime. The community has got a lot of work to do internally too.

There's a lot of unacceptable prejudice within the community that has to change. People are expected to meet a certain appearance and liking more than one gender is frowned upon.

There's a lot of unacceptable prejudice within the community that has to change. 

Racism and sexism are very much prominent in the community too and it often focusses on white, male members. There is very little visibility of LGBT people with disabilities and they are too often denied access and equality in LGBT spaces.
I combat LGBT prejudice and will support LGBT people whenever I encounter it.

I also volunteer for Stonewall’s Information Service, answering people’s emails. This involves helping people become more LGBT inclusive, giving information to family members on how to deal with people coming out, and providing tools on how to deal with advice on LGBT issues at home, education, in work and in everyday life. My role is very satisfying.

Change begins with you.

Change begins with you. If you believe in LGBT equality, or equality in general, you have to combat prejudice when you encounter it and expect that people will disagree with you.

We want people to be able to feel comfortable with themselves. It doesn’t matter if you get the language wrong if you mean it well.

We need to fight prejudice on every level.  

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