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What you can do

Black Queer Women in London

With this group Black asexual women, Black bisexual women, Black lesbian women, Black trans women, and Black intersex people can create an environment in which topics, such as survival strategies, daily life, empowerment and so much more can be discussed and exchanged.

Rainbow Noir Manchester

A group for queer people of colour in Manchester. The group is a space for socialising, discussions, activism, community organising and ensuring a presence and that queer people of colour’s voices are heard in Manchester.

Bi Cardiff

Bi Cardiff meets to discuss bi issues, socialise, and meet other bi people in the Cardiff area. Also runs campaigns to challenge biphobia. Members are welcome to come to the meetings, the socials, or both.

Quest for Black, Asian +Latino Gay/Bi Men

Socialise, investigate and share your stories of going up 'with a difference'. This group of richly diverse gay and bi sexual men enjoy a space of support and non judgement where they can explore such questions as - How has my upbringing influenced who I am today?

Glitter Cymru

BAME LGBT group that meet monthly. The social group provide a safe space for people who are black, asian and moniroty ethic and who identify as LGBT to meet others.

Inclusive Church

Inclusive Church was born on 11th August 2003 at St Mary's Putney. We are a Christian charity which works to educate churches on these areas of inclusion: ethnicity, disability, sexuality, gender, economic disadvantage and mental health. .

Out and Proud in East Lancashire

A volunteer led Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender peer support group based in Lancashire.

Kiki Bristol

Kiki is a night for LGBTQ People of Colour to meet, greet, eat, discuss, and set the dance floor on fire. Kiki came out of a group of us feeling tried of the lack of spaces for LGBTQ PoC and friends to meet and as importantly to dance to music that we enjoyed.

Unity Group Wales

The LGBT Unity Project Wales/Cymru promote and support the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community of Wales.

LGBT Cymru Helpline

General info, advice and confidential support in many areas of life and around various issues that LGBT people, their family and friends might experience. Open 7-9pm, Monday and Wednesday


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