Stonewall London Workplace Conference 2017 | Breakout Sessions
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Breakout Sessions

Choose from 21 breakout sessions led by inclusion specialists.

You can attend three sessions throughout the day, one from each group A, B and C. We will send information on how to register ahead of the event. 

The sessions are organised into seven best practice streams to help you plan your day.

View the agenda at a glance

Operating globally

A: From embassy to advocacy: The role of international organisations in advancing LGBT equality 

International employers are increasingly taking a public stance on LGBT equality globally, and directly engaging with civil society groups. This raises both practical and ethical questions and isn’t without risk. This session will explore and showcase different strategic approaches you can take in the varied environments in which you operate.

Learning outcomes:

  • Reflect on how your organisation can affect change for LGBT people globally
  • Develop a practical methodology to advance equality in varying social and political contexts 
  • Hear country-specific examples from organisations operating in challenging environments

B: International experiences: Focus on Asia

Asia represents a booming economy and strategic growth market for many global organisations. However, varying levels of legal protection and acceptance can create challenging workplace environments for LGBT staff. In this session, experts and leading organisations will take you on a journey to explore real life examples of successful LGBT inclusion initiatives adaptable to your context. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain insight into some of the legal, social and cultural challenges facing LGBT people in Asian countries 
  • Learn how you can adapt your approach across local contexts to respond to these challenges
  • Hear from leading organisations about innovative approaches to LGBT inclusion in an Asian context

C: Engaging your staff across your global footprint

This session will look at how you go beyond policies to engage and activate colleagues in your international operations. It will explore how you can overcome the challenges posed by dispersed and diverse workforces and empower voices throughout your organisation to drive LGBT Inclusion forward in the global workplace.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn practical ways that global organisations can communicate consistent support for LGBT equality across varying contexts 
  • Understand the role of LGBT and Ally employee networks in advancing inclusion
  • Hear innovative approaches to implementing training for staff globally

Focusing on trans

A: First steps to trans inclusion

Understanding trans identities is fundamental to creating an inclusive workplace. This session will introduce trans identities, terminology and language. You will hear trans people discussing their workplace challenges as well as have an opportunity to share your own experiences and questions.

Learning outcomes:

  • Basic understanding of trans identities, terminology and language
  • Grasp of challenges facing trans people in the workplace including dress code, pronouns and toilets
  • Increased confidence in understanding what the first steps to trans inclusion look like in your organisation

B: Supporting your trans staff  

Trans staff often face additional barriers in the workplace. This session looks at a range of areas including policy, network groups and communications to provide practical ways to ensure your workplace is inclusive for all your trans staff. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding of and ability to confidently articulate the business case for trans inclusion 
  • Awareness of the specific challenges that might arise in your own workplace
  • Practical ways to take an individual-centred approach to supporting your staff while ensuring your organisation is trans inclusive

C: Stepping up as an ally to trans people  

Visible allies to trans people are vital to changing workplace cultures. This session will explore the role of allies and how you can step up as an active ally as well as empowering others to do the same. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of stepping up and being a visible trans ally in the workplace as well as the impact this can have
  • Ways to be an effective trans ally strategies to overcome challenges you may face
  • Strategies to empower others in your workplace to be trans allies

The power of leadership

A and B: Stonewall Senior Champions Network: Maximising your influence*

Through the Stonewall Senior Champions network, we know that convening conversations and sharing innovation among an executive audience is key in building inclusive workplace cultures. Senior champions not only have a responsibility to their staff but they also have an opportunity to further LGBT equality for all their customers, service users and partners. This extended session will bring together senior leaders to explore how you can maximise your influence to create sustained change for all LGBT people. 

This session will be followed by lunch with Ruth Hunt, Stonewall Chief Executive, sharing insights and ideas from over ten years of working with senior leaders on LGBT inclusion. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Build a professional network of senior peers championing LGBT equality
  • Understand your potential influence and how it can be used to further LGBT inclusion in your workplace
  • Develop an action plan to drive positive change in your organisation

*Please note: this session is exclusively for senior champions and places are limited to two people per organisation. You will be contacted directly about attending this session or alternatively please speak to your Stonewall client account manager. 

C: Empowering line managers to harness the strength of diversity

Equipping managers with the skills to lead diverse teams helps all staff to reach their full potential. This session will provide space for line managers or those who train line managers to learn how to tackle the challenges that may arise from having diverse team members to create an inclusive environment for everyone.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn about the positive impact of managing and harnessing diversity within teams 
  • Understand how line managers can challenge homophobic, biphobic and transphobic language while championing inclusive behaviours
  • Take away ideas on how to engage with line managers in dispersed locations and those working in front line service delivery 

Role modelling and allyship

A: Being BAME and LGBT in the workplace

LGBT Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people face distinct challenges relating to their intersectional identities. This session explores how organisations can address these challenges by engaging LGBT BAME staff, customers and service users and supporting and profiling diverse role models.  

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the experiences of BAME LGBT people in the workplace and beyond
  • Share ideas on promoting and developing the involvement of BAME people in LGBT inclusion initiatives 
  • Hear guidance on how to empower and platform BAME role models and establish effective and meaningful allies in your workplace  

B: What about the ‘B’ in LGBT? 

Stonewall’s 2017 staff survey showed that just 16% of bi people were completely out at work and that they are often underrepresented in LGBT inclusion initiatives. This session will help you to take practical steps to ensure more of your bi staff reach their full potential. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand bi identities and the confidence to articulate the need for bi visibility and inclusion in your workplace 
  • Gain insight into the challenges faced by bi people in the workplace and the effect this can have
  • Learn practical tips from organisations that have taken steps to make their workplaces more inclusive of bi people 

C: Exploring faith and LGBT identities

Discussing LGBT identities and faith can be a complicated. This session explores how to navigate this in the workplace by hearing from LGBT people of faith on the ways their identities overlap and how to avoid potential conflict. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain an understanding of the challenges relating to discussing LGBT and faith 
  • Share best practice to overcome challenges including collaboration between faith and LGBT network groups 
  • Take away specific ideas that will enable you to develop a positive workplace for everybody regardless of faith, sexual orientation or gender identity

Investing in your staff

A: Proud employers: Recruiting diverse talent  

It is proven that diverse teams produce better results. This session will help you to understand how to identify and overcome barriers in your recruitment and the benefits of doing so. It will help you target your recruitment to reach LGBT jobseekers, and visibly demonstrate your organisation is LGBT inclusive in order to attract and retain the best talent.

Learning outcomes:

  • Look at the barriers faced by LGBT candidates in the recruitment process how you can work to remove them 
  • Explore how to use creative recruitment campaigns to engage directly with LGBT job seekers 
  • Hear best practice examples of how to evaluate your recruitment campaigns

B: Engaging LGBT staff in career development pathways

There is still a lack of openly LGBT people at the most senior levels in organisations due to persistent professional barriers. Developing and promoting targeted initiatives to support the career development of LGBT employees is therefore essential in retaining the best talent and creating an inclusive workplace. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand challenges in career development opportunities for LGBT staff
  • Explore how employee network groups can support and enhance career development opportunities 
  • Identify ways to increase participation from LGBT employees in existing career development channels

C: Mental health: ‘Coming Out’ 

Research shows that LGBT people disproportionately experience mental health problems. It is still shrouded with social stigma, preventing many people from getting the support they need. This session will explore how to encourage discussion of mental health experiences across the LGBT community in order to encourage positive wellbeing in the workplace. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain a better understanding by hearing people’s stories in relation to their experiences with their mental health and sexual orientation and/or gender identity
  • Explore how to challenge the social stigma that surrounds mental health and LGBT issues and encourage an open dialogue in your workplace
  • Discuss some of the practical steps organisations can take to support the mental wellbeing of their staff

Building your strategy

A: Starting out in LGBT inclusion 

Taking your first steps as a Diversity Champion can be a challenge, this session will help you build strong foundations including a solid business case. It will explore the unique issues faced by LGBT people and provide inspiration for strategies you can use in your organisation. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Increased confidence to begin your LGBT inclusion work through identifying the right approach for your organisation
  • Understanding of the first steps, such as setting up a network group, reviewing your policies or identifying a senior champion
  • Best practice tips from other organisations who have recently begun their journey 

B: Monitoring: Better comms, better data, better business  

Monitoring is key in enabling organisations to support their staff, allocate resources and evaluate the impact of inclusion work. This session will explore best practice on monitoring and how to use the data to improve your organisation’s understanding of diversity. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the best practice approach on asking for data on sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Look at how to best use staff communications to increase declaration rates 
  • Learn how to use the data to create a more inclusive organisation

C: Equality on a shoestring: Achieving inclusion with limited resources

In the current climate, public and third sector organisations need to think creatively to keep up the momentum on LGBT inclusion. This session will showcase best practice and provide practical ways to overcome challenges that arise when resources are limited. 

Learning outcomes: 

  • Understand the financial climate and general challenges faces by various sectors when working towards creating LGBT inclusive environments, and the impact of this 
  • Hear about best practice from organisations who have used innovative methods to keep the momentum their equality and inclusion work despite challenging contexts 
  • Take away practical tips to help you achieve and maintain your LGBT inclusion work when resources and funding are scarce

Maximising your influence

A: Taking a stand: How your organisation can progress LGBT equality

Organisations not only have a responsibility to the inclusion of their LGBT staff but to the wider community too including your customers, service users, suppliers and partners. This session will explore creative ways you and your organisation can have influence and progress wider LGBT equality. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the benefits of taking a public stance on LGBT inclusion
  • Explore what your organisation can do to have influence on your partners, customers and suppliers
  • Reflect how you as an individual can support the wider movement for LGBT equality

B: Building LGBT-inclusive services

When accessing public services, LGBT people often have different needs and face specific challenges. This session will look at how you can gain honest feedback about the experiences of your LGBT services users and build an action plan based on the new Stonewall service delivery toolkit.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to consult with your service users and empower them to speak to you
  • Feel confident building an action plan based on the results of your consultation and utilising your employee network group
  • Understand how to monitor feedback from your LGBT service users

C: Driving LGBT inclusion forward with all your staff 

This session is all about getting others on-board and engaging with staff across your organisation. We will look at the case behind utilising an effective network, engaging allies whilst overcoming objections and ensuring your all staff communications are as innovative as possible.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of involving everyone in your organisation’s LGBT inclusion activities
  • Realise the potential of utilising your employee network groups and the role of allies in creating positive change
  • Explore how to be innovative, engaging and creative in your staff communications

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