Research and reports

Stonewall has produced a number of ground-breaking research reports relating to issues of homophobic bullying, different families and education.  

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Cornerstone documents

  • Celebrating difference

This four-page document outlines Stonewall's work with primary schools and explains why it's important to talk about different families. Read more and download 

  • Education for all

This short document outlines Stonewall's work with secondary schools and provides information on the scale and impact of homophobic bullying. Read more and download 

Research reports

  • The Teachers' Report

Based on a survey of over 2,000 primary and secondary school staff and their experiences of homophobic bullying. Read more and download

  • The School Report 2012

Based on a survey with over 1,600 LGB young people and their experiences at school, which shows that although homophobic bullying has decreased it continues to be widespread in Britain’s schools in 2012. Read more and download 

  • The School Report 2007

Based on a survey with over 1,000 LGB young people and their experiences at school. Read more and download 

  • Different Families

Based on interviews, this report is about the experiences of children with lesbian, gay and bisexual parents. Read more and download

  • Unseen on Screen

A report into the representation of lesbian, gay and bisexual people on different programmes in youth television. Read more and download 

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