Advancing LGBT equality across the world
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What you can do

Advancing LGBT equality across the world

Since Stonewall started its international programme in 2012, we’ve achieved a great deal. We’ve established ourselves as a leading voice on international LGBT issues with the UK government, empowered LGBT human rights defenders to campaign for change in their countries, and built an exceptional network with campaigners in over 80 countries.

Our work with employers has been a key part of this. From supporting local LGBT organisations to advocating for LGBT equality, employers have a vital role to play in advancing the rights of LGBT people throughout the world.

In the face of a global landscape that is often extremely hostile to LGBT people, this support is needed more than ever. Consensual sex with someone of the same sex is illegal in 69 countries and is punishable by death in 11. In the majority of countries, LGBT people may not be protected from discrimination because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. LGBT people throughout the world continue to face severe stigma, persecution and violence.

To help promote LGBT rights and tackle inequality throughout the world, there are some steps employers can take:

  • Partner with local NGOs to raise the voices of local experts and empower them to create real change on the ground.
  • In consultation with local LGBT organisations, explore ways you can use your voice as a tool for change.
  • Ensure strong global anti-discrimination policies are implemented to ensure LGBT staff are protected from discrimination at work, regardless of the legal landscape.
  • Assess and action plan your global LGBT D&I practices by submitting to Stonewall’s 2020 Global Workplace Equality Index.
  • Join Stonewall’s Global Diversity Champions programme to ensure your organisation has the tools, knowledge and support to make LGBT inclusion a reality wherever you operate.

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