Stonewall statement on Parkfield school
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Stonewall statement on Parkfield school

Paul Twocock, Executive Director of Campaigns and Strategy, said: ‘It’s not clear exactly what the outcome of the conversations between the school and the community are and we’re speaking to the Department for Education to find out exactly what has been agreed.

‘What is clear is how important it is for communities to be involved in conversations about this work so that everyone can contribute and support this inclusive approach.

‘We’re pleased that the protests have stopped as it’s important that the school and the community have the space to come together to move towards a collective outcome.

‘That outcome must include teaching about LGBT families in primary school, because it is vital to ensuring that children from these families feel welcome and included, and all children learn the values of acceptance and respect.

‘We work with hundreds of schools – including 600 church and faith schools through the support of the Government – to embed support them to tackle anti-LGBT bullying and deliver LGBT-inclusive teaching. There is plenty of best practice to draw on where education at all ages is LGBT inclusive without detracting from the faith ethos of a school or the children who attend it.’