Stonewall statement on #GwiththeT
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Stonewall statement on #GwiththeT

Paul Twocock, Executive Director of Campaigns and Strategy, Stonewall said: ‘Today’s open letter of support in the Daily Mail for trans equality is absolutely vital, particularly at a time when abuse and discrimination against trans people is so high.

‘In solidarity with the hashtag #LWithTheT that sprung up last summer, the outpouring of support for the #GWithTheT movement and support from all parts of LGBT communities shows that those who oppose trans equality do not represent us. Earlier this month, we also saw a group of 70 cis women, including actor Emma Thompson and SNP MP Mhairi Black, along with women’s rights campaigners, journalists and academics, pledge their public support for trans rights. We need to see more allies sending clear messages that they support trans equality and they will always stand up against hate.

‘We will only make progress if we stand together. We are a diverse community made up of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, who come from different faiths, who live in different neighbourhoods and do different jobs. But we are united in our desire to create a world where we can be free to be ourselves. 

‘At such a vital time for trans equality, we strongly encourage everyone from across the LGBT community and beyond to be fierce, visible allies. We are strongest when we stand united. Together we will win this fight.’