Stonewall statement on #BwiththeT
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Stonewall statement on #BwiththeT

George Alabaster and Nic Bullen, co-chairs of Stonewall’s Bi Staff Network Group said: ‘The #BWithTheT movement is a welcome show of support of trans equality.

‘Today’s open letter from the bi community is another powerful demonstration that we as a community are united in our support of trans equality. At times when the discourse is so fractured, when our hard won rights are under threat, solidarity is vital. Movements like this, along with #LWithTheT and #GWithTheT, send a clear message that those who oppose trans equality do no speak for us, they do not represent us, in fact they are trying to create division. Their actions are a threat to us all.

‘These waves of support for trans equality come at a crucial time, when trans people are facing high levels of harassment and discrimination. What we need now is even more people, family members, friends – or people who simply believe in equality and human rights for all -  to be loud and proud about their unwavering support for trans communities. Together we are stronger and can raise each other up. This is how we continue to work towards a world where every lesbian, gay, bi and trans person can feel free to be who they are.’