Stonewall CEO Ruth Hunt responds to Sunday Times letter
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Stonewall CEO Ruth Hunt responds to Sunday Times letter

  • On Sunday 16 June, The Sunday Times published a letter from academics accusing Stonewall of stifling debate around trans equality
  • Throughout the week, thousands of academics and university staff have signed open letters signalling their support for trans inclusion
  • Stonewall's chief executive, Ruth Hunt, responds with a letter in today's Sunday Times. Full letter published below

Dear Sirs,

Stonewall's work with universities and other organisations to ensure lesbian, gay, bi and trans people can be themselves and succeed is evidence based, robust and effective. It is also very much needed. As an undergraduate at St Hilda’s College Oxford in 1998, I was one of few lesbian JCR Presidents and in 2001 was the first openly lesbian president of Oxford University Students Union. Homophobia was rife then and I was grateful for the work of students and tutors who advocated for acceptance then, and now. They made a positive difference to my experience.

18 years on, at Stonewall we are surprised that some academics (including from my old college) would like us to stop working with universities because they disagree with what Stonewall, and our friends in Gendered Intelligence and Gires, have to say. Their concerns - loudly expressed via a range of platforms without any suppression - provide ample evidence that there is so much more for Stonewall to do. Universities can find out more about our work and commission our support here.

Ruth Hunt

Chief Executive, Stonewall 

St Hilda’s College Oxford Alumni