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Solidarity and Pride

Ruth Hunt, Stonewall’s Chief Executive, said: ‘Pride is a time when we stand together, in celebration of what we’ve achieved and to renew our commitment to fight for true equality for all LGBT people. 

‘As part of Stonewall’s mission to reach into all communities across the UK, last year we made a decision to take a break from Pride in London. We did this so we could invest more resource into supporting UK Black Pride and after many months of work, Stonewall and UK Black Pride signed an exciting new partnership.

‘It was always our intention to return to Pride in London and over the past year we’ve also been having constructive and useful conversations with its organisers and today I’m pleased to announce we’re going to be marching this July.  

‘Moves to create division in our community intensified in 2018 such as the anti-trans protest at Pride last year and we’re clear that solidarity is now more important than ever.

‘We’re planning something unique for this year’s Pride in London to underline that sentiment.

‘We also want to do something special to pay tribute to the Stonewall uprising and to give thanks to the people who led that uprising and created the modern LGBT movement that we know now. Many of those people were part of groups who continue to exist at the margins of our community and in society, and for whom Pride isn’t yet a celebration but an act of defiance.

‘To do this, we’re working with UK Black Pride, Mermaids and Level Up to create a marching group that embodies the full diversity of our community and shows what an unstoppable force we are when we stand together.

‘We’ll be reaching out to more groups as we approach 6 July 2019.

‘Pride in London is also just one of more than 30 Prides we’re attending this year in celebration of our 30th anniversary. We’re particularly focusing on Prides that celebrate and champion everyone in the LGBT community and so as well as attending UK Black Pride, we’re also going to four Trans Prides and Bi Pride.’

Susie Green, Chief Executive of Mermaids, said: ‘Transgender people are facing hostility and erasure, and this includes attacks aimed at transgender children and young people. Coming together to promote the positive effects of love and support has never been more important.

‘Mermaids are honoured to be a part of this exciting and innovative project, to work alongside other organisations that protect and fight for trans rights, and to march together at Pride in London as a visible representation of that solidarity.’

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, Executive Director of UK Black Pride, said: 'We're pleased to announce that we will be marching at this year's Pride in London as part of a diverse group.

'At UK Black Pride we strongly believe there is great strength in bringing our diverse community together and that’s why we’re proud to be joining Mermaids, as well as our new partners Stonewall, in solidarity to make our voices heard and raise each other up.

'This year is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising and we must remember and honour the Black LGBT+ activists who were at the founding of our movement and their brave act of resistance. Let's keep working toward the world we want to live in and make sure that no one is left behind.'

Carys Afoko, Executive Director of Level Up, said: ‘As a feminist community in the UK we know how important solidarity is, which is why we're proud to march with UK Black Pride, Mermaids and Stonewall. Feminism and LGBT rights are intertwined, and Pride is the perfect opportunity to remind everyone of that.’