Stonewall statement on Ashers Bakery
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Stonewall statement on Ashers Bakery

  • Ashers Bakery, based in Northern Ireland, refused to bake a cake bearing the slogan 'Support Gay Marriage'.

  • Today the UK Supreme Court ruled the bakery was not discriminatory in this so-called 'gay cake' row.

  • Stonewall calls the ruling 'very concerning' and a 'backward step for equality'.

A Stonewall Spokesperson said: 'The Supreme Court's decision that Ashers bakery were not discriminatory in the so-called 'gay cake' row is very concerning for anyone who cares about equality. We will take time to review the judgement in detail.

It is illegal for providers of goods, facilities and services in the U.K to discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation and/or gender reassignment.

‘The Court is saying the right of freedom of expression in effect allows people to discriminate against others based on who they are. This sets a hugely dangerous precedent which could be used by others to justify even more discrimination at a time when LGBT people still face exclusion, abuse and discrimination every day, despite that being against the law.

‘This is a backward step for equality which needs to be urgently addressed.’