Stonewall welcomes UK global leadership role with guide to international LGBT equality
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Stonewall welcomes UK global leadership role with guide to international LGBT equality

  • UK government announces global leadership role on LGBT+ equality

  • The Foreign and Commonwealth Office announces the UK will co-chair the Equal Rights Coalition

  • Leadership role to be shared with Argentina for the next two years

The UK is set to become a global leader in LGBT equality, following an announcement by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

It was confirmed today that the UK will co-chair the Equal Rights Coalition for the next two years.

The coalition sees international governments join together to strengthen cooperation, coordination and communication between countries in advancing LGBT+ and intersex rights globally.

The UK government has been a leading supporter of the Equal Rights Coalition and will now take on a leadership role together with the government of Argentina starting from 2019.

Currently 40 member states and over 70 civil society organisations actively engage with the Equal Rights Coalition.

To support the UK’s role in advancing LGBT+ equality globally, Stonewall has launched a guide for UK government officials who are working abroad, giving them best-practice tips on how to engage with LGBT+ advocates on the ground.

Based on interviews with 20 UK officials and 27 LGBT+ advocates around the world, this guide provides practical advice and addresses the common challenges that UK government officials deployed abroad may face while working towards securing LGBT+ equality.

Key recommendations include holding regular dialogue with LGBT+ advocates in the countries where UK government officials are based as well as creating inclusive and transparent opportunities to directly fund and partner with LGBT+ organisations.

Leanne MacMillan, Director of International Campaigns at Stonewall said: ‘It’s great to see the UK Government stepping up as a global leader on LGBT equality. We’ve produced this guide to support UK government officials working towards LGBT equality in different countries and diverse cultural contexts. It is vital we continue to accelerate this important work when the UK co-chairs the Equal Rights Coalition. We look forward to working with UK government officials and a global network of civil society actors towards acceptance without exception for LGBT people across the world.’