Stonewall statement on civil partnerships
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Stonewall statement on civil partnerships

  • Government announces extension of civil partnerships to opposite sex couples

  • Civil partnerships were first introduced in 2005 

  • 900 same-sex couples choose to have a civil partnership each year

Paul Twocock, Director of Campaigns, Policy and Research at Stonewall, said: ‘We’re really pleased the Government have taken swift action and chosen to extend civil partnerships to all rather than abolish this important institution. We know this is the only fair way forward and it will mean a lot to the many thousands of same-sex couples who want to maintain the integrity of the day they made their commitment to each other.

‘The introduction of civil partnerships in 2005 was a huge milestone for LGBT equality. For the first time, same-sex couples could have their relationships legally recognised and secure the same benefits as married couples of different sexes. Although many same-sex couples choose to marry now, around 900 couples a year choose to have a civil partnership instead and we’re delighted they will still be able to do so.’