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Stonewall response to Trump administration revoking trans student guidelines

The decision made by the Trump administration to revoke guidance which was created to protect trans students is alarming.

By refusing to protect the right for trans students to use the bathroom at school for the gender they identify with, the President is not keeping his commitment to maintain progress made on equal rights for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people in the USA.

This is both an equal rights and safeguarding issue for trans students in America, many of whom are subject to terrible abuse in their schools, and could be a worrying sign of things to come for all LGBT people in the United States.

It is important we stand in solidarity with LGBT people in the United States when they face significant threats to their rights like this; it is also a reminder that the progress we’ve made to equality is never secure. We must continue to work together to make positive steps forward to ensure that everyone is accepted without exception in future.

Stonewall will continue to stand alongside LGBT and other groups in the USA committed to fighting this action.