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The Trump-Pence administration’s ban on trans people in the military

Yesterday’s announcement from the US Supreme Court is another wakeup call to anyone in the LGBT community who thought their rights were safe.

This alarming decision of the Court will allow the Trump-Pence administration to enforce their policy of banning trans people from serving openly in the armed services. Like anyone who serves in the military, trans people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. 

Not only is this discriminatory, it also serves to publicly demonise trans people. The actions of the Trump-Pence administration ‘other’ trans people and contribute to a climate of fear. We cannot underestimate the harm this causes to the trans people and communities on the receiving end of these attacks.

This latest decision by the US Supreme Court comes at a time when the UK Government is reviewing the current laws on gender recognition. Although the public consultation on this reform in 2018 saw a huge number of people come out in support of trans equality, it was also overshadowed by an outpouring of transphobia.

Opponents of reform contributed to shocking levels of misinformation and fearmongering, seeking to sow doubt among people who would naturally support equality by consistently questioning trans people’s identities.

The progress we’ve made towards equality is fragile.

The US Supreme Court’s decision is another potent reminder that the progress we’ve made towards equality is fragile. If we care about the right of everyone to be accepted for who they are, and expect every individual to be protected from discrimination, we need to stand up for trans people right now.

We want a different future, and it’s one we must fight for together. No-one should stand alone in the face of hate. We will be reaching out to LGBT activists and organisations in the US to offer support.

Read the Human Rights Campaign’s statement about the situation.