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Stonewall’s Volunteers!

Our volunteers make an incredible and invaluable contribution at Stonewall. We’ll be highlighting one of our team every month so you’ll be able to get to know them a little bit better and find out why they’re involved with our campaigning work

Stonewall VolunteeringWhat's your name?  


Where are you from? 

The Midlands

How long have you volunteered at Stonewall? 

Around about a year

Why did you choose to volunteer at Stonewall?

I wanted to put my free time to good use and I’m passionate about Stonewall’s work. It’s such a friendly environment and not like working at all! 

What things have you been doing here?

I’ve been helping on a variety of projects – anything from events and taking calls to media monitoring... There’s a wide variety! 

Why should anyone thinking of volunteering at Stonewall get involved? 

It’s great helping to make a difference and volunteers contribute a lot here. It’s also a fantastic group of people who are very welcoming.

What do you do when you're not volunteering for Stonewall? 

Hiding in cafes and reading!

Tell us a fun fact about you! 

I have an insatiable addiction to cheese cake...

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