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We simply cannot wait for Eurovision when we’ll be glued to the telly to cheer on all our favourite performers. 

What better event to get your local pub, restaurant or community centre raising donations for Stonewall than with a Eurovision party? Nothing says more about diversity than Eurovision with people from many different backgrounds coming together. Donations raised will go to supporting Stonewall’s international work helping to promote gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans equality around the world.

We have all the tools you need to create the most memorable Eurovision party below but if you’d like to speak to one of the team about ideas or resources to help promote your party please do get in touch. 

Download our Eurovision Party Pack, add your own personal touch and charge entrants £2, £5 or £10 to join the fun and choose whether to include some delicious Eurovision nibbles from our recipe ideas or fun Eurovision games.

Eurovision Bingo

Have fun and raise donations with a game of Eurovision Bingo. Have each guest donate £1 per player sheet, print out the sheets below and have each guest fill out the remaining boxes with things they expect to see on the programme (ie. sequinned shorts, crowd booing, accordion playing… you get the idea!) The first person to fill a full line wins the round.

Eurovision Sweepstake

Challenge guests to take part in a sweepstakes where they can donate £1 to guess the Eurovision winner, guess the top score and predict which country will be bringing up the rear. Award the winner at the end of the evening and don’t forget to announce how much you’ve raised.

Up the ante and make your Eurovision do fancy dress! Encourage guests to dress as their favourite Eurovision act. From ABBA to Jedward to Dustin the Turkey, there are sure to be some amazing outfits. Why not order Stonewall merchandise to give out as prizes for best costume?


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