Help us secure marriage equality in Britain!

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We did it - Equal Marriage has passed through the House of Commons!
Thank you so much for your support in getting us to this point.

BUT, now comes the hard part…

We’re still only half way to securing equal marriage. The real challenge comes now in the House of Lords. We must make sure that the noisy voices of opponents don’t drown out the case for equality.

You can help by making a donation today 

Donate marriage friend

Our lobbying has helped ensure that dozens of amendments designed to wreck the Bill haven't been successful – but our opponents won’t give up. We know they will use any amendments to delay and wreck the Bill in the House of Lords if they can.

‘If the Government thinks it's had a rough time in the Commons, just wait until the Bill hits the Lords’ - Colin Hart, Coalition for Marriage campaign director

By making a donation today, you’ll be helping us to:

  • Fight back against those well-funded opposition groups who are blanket-mailing communities across Britain with hateful material
  • Contact every single member of the House of Lords to make sure they hear both sides of the argument
  • Continue to make the case for Equal Marriage publicly and with evidence-based research

Donations from our last appeal enabled us to conduct critical polling showing that a majority of the public - including 91% of gay people - back marriage equality.

Please help us make sure that in future the right to marry the person you love is available to everyone. 

Please make a donation today!

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