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Being gay is still illegal in 80 of 196 countries across the world, being a lesbian is specifically outlawed in 45 – in 6 countries the penalty for both is death.

ugandaWe’re lucky to have seen many legal changes in Britain that have improved the lives of lesbian, gay and bisexual people. But for more than 200 million gay people across the world each day is still filled with the fear of being beaten, imprisoned or murdered at any moment.

GhanaWe’re putting our established lobbying skills to work to help stop the persecution of LGB people worldwide. We’ll continue to tackle homophobia at home, at school and at work in Britain, where there’s still so much to do, but now we can make changes internationally at the same time.

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With your support, we’ve already helped to change the lives of gay people across Britain. Now you can help us to change the world for gay people too. Please make a donation today.

Donate Friends

With your support we’ll continue to lobby the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the European Union, the United Nations and others to end persecution of lesbian, gay and bisexual people around the world. We’ve begun by pressing the UK Government to focus on countries within the Commonwealth, such as Jamaica, Malawi, Uganda and Nigeria.

We need to raise £30,000 to hold the government to account over their commitment to promote worldwide equality for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals. Britain has become a beacon for lesbian, gay and bisexual equality. Your generosity will help ensure that others around the world can now benefit too from the remarkable changes we’ve secured.

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