Giving Shares

You might support Stonewall already, but have you considered giving shares?  Donors in the UK give £100 million in shares each year.  Join them and you could help Stonewall continue our important work, and it could be a very tax efficient way for you to give. 

Whether you have a few windfall shares gathering dust or a more sizeable donation, giving shares is not at all complicated.  We can't offer financial advice, but if you would like to know more about giving shares to Stonewall, please call Lynn on 020 7593 1876 or write to

Tax Relief

Donors can benefit from income tax relief based on the value of their donation. Shares donated to charity are not liable for Capital Gains Tax, either in calculating a gain or a loss. More information on tax relief can be obtained from the HMRC website.


If you have shares that are worth less than £500 we ask that you pass them to ShareGift (registered charity No.1052686), an independent charity that provides a charitable way to deal with unwanted small shareholdings.  When making your donation, please remember to note that you are a supporter of Stonewall.  Doing so will help Stonewall receive donations from ShareGift in the future.

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