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Your video messages and stories

Anyone can add their own by making a video response to those uploaded at: or contacting

Here are some of your stories and messages of support...

Rabbi David Mitchell Joe White Sam Willey (Radio Presenter and Journalist for Spark FM and Pride Radio)
Jamie Wake Wayne Buplitt (UK Chief Commissioner of The Scout Association) British Transport Police - It gets
Richard Prowse Jeremy Stewart (Charity Commission) Jason Columbine (Land Registry) 
Yvonne Aburrow Shaun Dellenty (Deputy Head, Alfred Salter Primary School) NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent
Emma Hulme (Stonewall Youth Volunteer) Richard Tan (actor) 2BME - It gets
Bob Hughes (Stonewall Youth Volunteer) Danny Fryer (Stonewall Youth Volunteer) Steven Little (teacher) 
 Romain Sauron (Tesco) Jason Totten and George Meudell (The Co-op) East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service 
Million Emmanuel (teacher)  Gay Youth 'r' Out, Liverpool Ryan Houston (Radio presenter) 
Rebecca Cross (teacher)  Chris Darby (student)  Gary Phillips (Headteacher) 
 Karlena (Mother) John Yates-Harold Mary (parent)
Selina <">Hampshire