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High profile support: Other messages

Read more messages from people who support Stonewall's new campaign: It gets We can make it happen. 

  • 'Everyone has the spark to be a firework – whether they’re lesbian, gay, bisexual or straight. That’s why I dedicate my new song ‘Firework’ to anyone experiencing homophobic bullying across the world. Just like the spirit of Stonewall spread from America to Britain, I’m making my empowering message global. Stonewall is doing an amazing job tackling homophobic bullying in Britain – please show them your support so it can get better – today.' - Katy Perry

Katy Perry

  • 'Please support Stonewall during National Anti-Bullying Week. They can ensure that, for young people experiencing homophobic bullying, things get better – today. My personal message of support to anyone who is lesbian, gay or bisexual is this: always be yourself, and be proud of who you are. You don’t have to wait for things to get better. Your life can be fantastic now. Working together, I truly believe we can all make this happen.' - Beverley Knight

Beverley Knight

  • 'I know just how important it is to feel like you can be yourself – in your career and in your everyday life. For anyone who feels like an outsider, I want to say: Don’t let the bullies win. Be yourself – and don’t let words get you down. It gets better today. With your help, Stonewall can make it happen.' - Christina Aguilera


  • 'Bullying on any level is unacceptable, especially in our schools. That's why we're supporting Stonewall's campaign to make Britain a safe place for all young people to live in.' - Danny Miller and Marc Silcock

Danny Miller and Marc Silcock

  • 'Coming out is a huge step for anyone. I’m lucky enough to be in a position to show young people that life as a young gay, lesbian or bisexual person really can be great. In my work I get to reach a wide audience and offer hope to anyone who’s afraid.Young people don’t need to fear – people like you and me can support them and let them know that it gets better – today.' - Kieron Richardson

Kieron Richardson

  • 'I fully back Stonewall's campaign to tackle homophobic bullying in Britain's schools. Being a young lesbian, gay or bisexual person can be tough - but with your help, it gets better ... today.' - Ian 'H' Watkins

Ian "H" Watkins

  • 'I know how important it is to feel like you can be yourself – in your career and in your personal life. Young people experiencing homophobic bullying don’t need to suffer in silence – organisations like Stonewall are there to make things better – today. This means that every young lesbian, gay and bisexual person in this country can now follow their dreams and ambitions.' - Jon Lee

Jon Lee

  • 'Homophobic bullying doesn’t just affect young lesbian, gay and bisexual people. It affects sporty girls, academic boys, children with same-sex parents; anyone perceived as different. We don’t have to stand for this. Stonewall resources are now in every school, helping to tackle homophobic prejudice and bullying. It gets better today. We can make it happen.' - Amy Lamé

Amy Lamé in Some People are gay... T-shirt

  • 'Since I came out as being gay earlier this year, the support has been amazing – from Simon, Cheryl, from my family and friends and from the public. If you’re a teenager struggling with your sexuality, I can honestly tell you it gets better and Stonewall can help make this happen. Please support them.' – Joe McElderry

Joe McElderry

  • 'If you’re experiencing homophobic bullying, Stonewall can help you. Schools across the country now have their ‘Some people are gay. Get over it!’ posters and their anti-homophobia DVD FIT to help them tackle the issue head-on. So teachers have no more excuses for tolerating homophobic bullying, and schools no longer have to be scary places for lesbian, gay and bisexual young people. Things are getting better - right now.' – Sarah Waters

Sarah Waters in Some People are gay... T-shirt

'Being exactly who you really are really is the best gift you can give yourself and those who you love, but coming out can be complicated.  If you’re having a tough time and feel like there isn’t hope, please know there are people like me and organisations like Stonewall who are there to listen, reassure and guide you past the bullies.  If you feel alone in your struggle, please reach out and connect to the many people out there who are waiting to know and love you, just the way you are.' - John Amaechi


  • 'Be a better human, be a friend not an enemy, stop the bullying and start your life right. It gets better…today.' - Skunk Anansie


  • 'All bullying is wrong. It hurts the bullied, but actually, it also hurts the bully. When we treat other people as less than us, less deserving of respect or care or kindness, we lower our expectations of ourselves. We make ourselves of less value too.
    Everyone matters, and all of us need to care, harm to one is harm to us all.' - Stella Duffy



I'm so supporting this campaign this week! you guys all look so great in your T-Shirts! Wish I had one too, but I'm ALL the way down in Cape Town, South Africa.. :( but good going! x

spinsista mitzi, 17 November 2010

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