'Some People are Gay. Get Over It!' mugs

SPAGGOI mugEnjoy the delicious taste of equali-tea with an eye-catching Stonewall mug. Click here to order yours now

Mugs are £7.00 plus £2.50 postage and packaging (or £7 for international postage) and can be ordered here.

We aim to dispatch all orders within 10 working days (with additional time for postage, 2 to 6 weeks for international orders). However, please do contact us before placing an order if you need your mug by a certain date.

Please note for orders over 3 mugs, we will need an additional donation to cover postage costs. Email tshirt@stonewall.org.uk or call Lynn on 020 7593 1876.

And for international orders, please note that mugs are fragile and we cannot guarantee their safe delivery.

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