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YVPStonewall's Youth Volunteering Programme helps thousands across Britain. The scheme empowers young people to challenge homophobia in their local community - creating a safer place to be young and LGB.

Since 2008 our Youth Volunteers have reached over 10,000 people (including MPs, councillors, teachers and pupils) but we need your help to grow the programme further.

David's StoryShockingly, two out of three young lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) pupils are still being bullied in schools. 92% are verbally abused, 42% are physically bullied and 17% receive death threats. The fear and trauma from this leaves LGB young people extremely vulnerable and far less likely to achieve their potential both at school and beyond.

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Stonewall's Youth Volunteering Programme gives young LGB people the skills and confidence to challenge the harmful issues of homophobia, bullying, exclusion and discrimination in their local schools and communities.

Rachael's Story
'A year later I was delivering workshops and assemblies on how to tackle homophobic bullying in the same school where I suffered the abuse. Stonewall's Youth Volunteering Programme has helped me get back some confidence - and use it to make sure nobody has to go through what I did.' Rachael, 17, Stonewall Youth Volunteer.

We want to grow this important scheme, given its success and impact to date.  However, the initial funding has come to an end and we need your help to continue with this crucial work. Please consider making a donation now:

  • £50 can enable a Stonewall Youth Volunteer to reach 500 people and make their community a safer place to be young and LGB
  • £100 can help send a Stonewall Youth Volunteer on a 3 day residential course to give them the skills and confidence to lead their own anti-homophobia campaign
  • £150 will pay for a Stonewall Youth Volunteer to gain a nationally-recognised qualification 

Thank you. 

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