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Some people are gay. Get over it!

The hard hitting 'Some people are gay. Get over it!' billboard campaign can be seen on over five hundred display panels and 20 major advertising railway station advertising screens across Britain.

Travel Card HolderThis is part of Stonewall’s back to school campaign to coincide with pupils returning to school to encourage the idea that it’s everyone’s responsibility to tackle homophobic bullying – both within the school gates and in the wider world.

The 'Some people are gay. Get over it!' back-to-school ad campaign can be seen on over five hundred display panels and 20 major railway station advertising screens across Britain for a two week period from the 24th August. The advertising space supported by Titan Outdoor Advertising Ltd and CBS Outdoor Advertising continues Stonewall’s high profile Education for All campaign to tackle homophobic bullying in Britain’s schools. For more information on Stonewall’s Education campaign and how you can support it please click here.

All 500 of the card holders have now been sent out - thanks so much for your support and interest in the campaign

A Great Campaign

I work within the youth service and decided to run a LGBT awareness session. Prior to this I plastered the biggest wall within the Youth Centre with your posters which got the young people talking. This got the young people thinking about why LGB people are fighting for rights!! Also have seen the FIT DVD which is awesome and shown this at a launch event within the LGBT youth provision I run and it has had good reviews from those attending!!

John , 23 August 2010

travel wallet

Now the successful and thought provoking "get over it" campaign can literally be carried around and gain exposure to even more people. As an openly gay lecturer at one of the UK's largest university's, I can see this latest campaign being hugely popular with the student LGBT societies up and down the country - as I have said before, the wording of the campaign says it all and I hope that those of us and our supporters who openly support these initiatives will one day make it easier for those who are currently afraid or remain unable to come out!

Ian Fox-Williams, 09 September 2009

Very good for Gay people

very good for Gay people as we still > Have to fight our Gay rights

Andrew Carter, 03 September 2009

poster and march posters...

Seen the march poster at London Gay Pride... and it made be smile, in a good way! Well done - it's the only slogan that has stuck in my mind and in my eyes... so well done. Pity I didn't realise Stonewall was behind it - I was looking for your logo somewhere and just didn't see it. Carry on the good work!

Anne, 03 September 2009

poster campaign

I've said it before and I'll say it again: its a brilliant to the point campaign which works-well done!

klooner, 03 September 2009

Well done

I was chatting to a straight friend yesterday who was saddened to hear I couldn't walk down the street holding my boyfriend's hand wthout, at the very least, being stared at. Well done. We need lots more like this, but we also need lots more gay people to stop hiding, as this is what will make it more normal for people to witness. I believe what we have here is a catch 22!

Chris, 28 August 2009


I think your campaign is wonderful. I am the mother of a lesbian who is in a wonderful loving lasing relationship with another woman. I feel blessed that she has finally found love and contentment after searching for herself for many years. She is open about her sexuality but she has friends who will not come out because they are afraid of other peoples reaction. As far as I am concerned she is still my wonderful loving daughter and her partner has both made her very happy and been a wonderful addition to our family.

Lancashire Lass, 27 August 2009

free travel wallet

this is a great idea

Patrick Travers, 27 August 2009

your campaign

I went to work this morning and saw your advert in various areas of one of the main stations in London. Some straight friend asked his straight colleagues what they were thinking of the advert. Well done! It created a stir in their minds. They found it offensive, thought there was a moral issue there. They did not see the point of advertising gay behaviour/lifestyle. When I said it was nothing to do with promoting gays but just for people to realise that we are like everyone else and want to just receive the same respect/lack of bad interest as everyone else, they would not have it. I had to explain that I still was under threat when I was on the bus at night with my partner on a regular basis, even if we were not so obvious. Still, they don't see the need for such advert because we are there anyway. I must congratulate and thank you! Indeed, the message is very simple and with just 2 colours on the poster, you have created a great piece of communication: simple, straight to the point and effective, provocative while not using images. I hope this helps develop talks and why not open some minds. Good luck

Nicolas, 25 August 2009

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