How your trust could support us

£500 Education for All Website. £500 will enable us to keep a designated Education for All website running for just over one month. This allows teachers, students and parents to access and download resources to tackle homophobic bullying in schools.

£2,000 Community Benefits Programme. £2,000 will cover the costs of our Community Benefits Programme for 3.5 months. The money will be used as leverage to produce income from community events - leading to a return of more than 250% on your original grant.

£5,000 Stonewall Scotland. £5,000 will cover the costs of our staff, office and lobbying of Scottish MSPs in Edinburgh for 1 month.

£12,000 Stonewall Cymru Website. £12,000 will fund the maintenance and translation costs of our new bilingual Stonewall Cymru website for two years. Stonewall Cymru would benefit through the advertisement of policy, campaigns, events, and publications available for download for the Welsh Assembly Government and Assembly Members, Stonewall Cymru supporters, students and teachers.

£20,000 Focus Groups. £20,000 would allow us to run 20 focus groups for a specific research, enabling us to truly engage with the experiences and feelings of the lesbian, gay and bisexual community.

£35,000 National Survey. £35,000 would allow us to conduct a national survey on a variety of topics enabling us to gauge a broad understanding of the LGB community.

£50,000 Parliamentary and Public Affairs research. Our Parliamentary and Public Affairs Department spends £50,000 every six months in responding to consultation documents, and carrying out groundbreaking research.

If you would like to make a donation from a trust or foundation, or find out more about how trusts can help Stonewall, please contact:

Ian Montgomery
Trusts and Foundations Fundraiser
Tower Building
York Road
London SE1 7NX

Tel: 020 7593 2824
Fax: 020 7593 1877 

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