Working with Trans Communities

At Stonewall we're determined to do more to support trans communities (including those who identify as LGB) to help eradicate prejudice and achieve equality. There are lots of different views about the role Stonewall should play in achieving that. We're holding roundtable meetings and having lots of conversations. Throughout this process we will be guided by trans people.

On Saturday 30 August we met with a group of campaigners from trans communities to listen to their views on how Stonewall can support the trans movement.The meeting was a chance to hear directly from some people involved in the trans movement but it was just one of many conversations we’re having to inform our future work. We’ve been listening to lots of people from trans communities individually and we want to carry on doing this over coming months. We’re also determined to make sure that we hear the voices of minorities within the trans movement and we’re very open to people’s views on the best way we can do this.

We'd like to hear from you too. You can send us an email below or call 08000 50 20 20 and someone will give you a call back. If you've written a blog, please do send us the link. We want to hear about what you think the next steps are to achieve equality for trans people and the role that Stonewall might be able to play.  We promise to keep you updated as conversations progress.

What's next?

Over the next few weeks we’ll be holding further meetings to make sure that we can hear from as many different voices within trans communities as possible. 

In January 2015 we'll publish an interim report, summarising what we've heard from you so far. We'll then consult further on that before we release final conclusions on the best role we can play to support the movement for trans equality.

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