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Imagine not being able to hold your partner's hand or express your love. Imagine having to hide who you are every day and living in fear of being found out. This is the reality for millions of people around the world who live in a country where it's illegal to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans.

This summer, check before you travel. It’s illegal to be gay in 78 countries, with a death penalty in five. We’re working hard to bring an end to homophobia, biphobia and transphobia worldwide and we need your help!

The very best way to support us is to make a donation today. Just £5 can help us to keep in touch with an activist from a country where it’s still illegal to be gay, offering them support and guidance to make real change.

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Nikkita Icon Nikkita's Story

Nikkita is an activist living in Russia. Learn more about his struggle to support young LGBT people.

 Naome Icon  Naome's Story

Read about Naomes's experiences campaigning for LGBT equality in Uganda.

Our international work Our International Work

Find out more about the work we're doing to support human rights defenders across the world.


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Take a look at the ways you can show your support for LGBT equality this Summer.


Nikkita Guryanov - Russia

Nikkita Guryanov



Nikkita is an activist in Russia, where the so-called 'propoganda law' makes it illegal for young LGBT people to seek help and support. He says there it is commonplace for gay young people to be humiliated in attacks which are often filmed and put online. 'They even call the victims' parents and shout threatening and humiliating words.' For those young people it can be devastating , shattering their lives and leading to thoughts of suicide.

But Nikkita isn't giving up. He continues to offer advice and support for young LGBT people, even after being branded a 'propogandist' by the Russian government. Despite all the risks, he is determined to spread a message of hope:

  "No matter who you are, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, you are a human being. You are an individual. You are who you are. You should not be scared. You should not be shy."

Naome Ruzindana - Uganda




Naome was featured in Call me Kuchu, a critically aclaimed documentary about being LGBT in Uganda. She talked to us about her experiences making the film.

'"When I watched the film the first time it really reminded me of my close friend who died in the struggle. It broke me for some time and I felt that I was left with no hope. I've learnt that the more I watch it the more I get empowered to continue to do my work and support those people who need my support.

Religious fundamentalists started preaching that we are coming up to destroy society and that we should be killed before we're able to destroy it. And when an ignorant person hears this on a talk show they can never support us. And this is something that's always in the media and the government does nothing to stop it, in fact they support it. It's damaging the nation.

But there are religious supporters of equality in Uganda. And also many NGOs who support our work, so despite the government and the bigger community who are against gay people we also have support.

If we continue documenting the realities Africa will be better. Everyone will have freedom of speech, freedom and privacy - and be able to enjoy their land."

  • You can find out more about Call Me Kuchu, here 

Our International Work

Pink Armenia



Our international approach is simple:

  • We use our proven experience of changing laws in the UK to help activists in their own countries. To be clear, this doesn't mean that we're telling anyone what to do. But we can offer support and advice gained from our 25 year history so that activists can develop their own strategies

  • We also work with the UK Government and Foreign Office to make sure they're using their influence internationally. This is a key area where we can create change -unfortunately it's a bit dull and takes a long time!

  • Finally, we work with our supporters here in the UK so they can actively support LGBT people worldwide. We provide clear information about situations arising around the world and clear recommendations for our supporters -always endorsed by activists in the country.

Find out more about our international work here.

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It's taken us 25 years to get to where we are today in the UK. We're serious about creating change around the world. Will you help us?

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