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Stonewall's International work supports the work for LGBT human rights defenders around the word. We know from our own experience that sustainable change is only possible if it is led by people on the ground in the country concerned. This page provides an introduction to some of our international work. For more detailed information please email us at:

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Congratulations to Pepe Julian Onziema for winning Stonewall’s 2014 Hero of the Year Award! Receiving the award at the Victoria and Albert Museum on 6 November, Pepe said: "It’s great to be here amongst friends and to know that we are united in our work for global equality. I accept this award on behalf of everyone who faces discrimination, imprisonment and death because of who they love and who they simply are, across the globe."

Pepe is Programmes Director at Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), one of Uganda's major LGBT organisations. He is one of the country's most well-known human rights defenders, and a vocal advocate for trans communities in particular. For more information on the work of SMUG please see their website.

Pepe Stonewall Awards

The Situation for LGBT People Around The World


  • 77 countries make same-sex relationships a crime

  • of those impose the death penalty

  • 1,509 cases of murdered trans people have been reported since 2008

  • 61 countries protect LGB people from discrimination in employment

  • 14 countries have equal marriage

  • 15 countries allow same-sex couples to adopt children

UgandaNigeriaRussiaIndia  | Brunei |


The Commonwealth


  • 42 out of 53 countries make same-sex relationships a crime

  • Many of these laws were introduced under the British Empire

  • Northen states of Nigeria impose the death penalty

  • 12 out of 53 countries protect LGB people from discrimination in employment

  • 4 out of 53 countries have equal marriage

  • 5 out of 53 countries allow same-sex couples to adopt children

| UgandaNigeria | India  | Brunei |

 Learning Visits

Pink Armenia

We host regular learning exchange visits for LGBT human rights groups from around the world.

Recent visitors include Associazione Radicale Certi Diritti from Italy, Arus Pelangi from Indonesia, Seksualiti Merdeka from Indonesia, Bhandu from Bangladesh, the Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law from Uganda, Sexual Minorities Uganda, the Society against Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Guyana, Salaam Initiative and the Humsafar Trust from India.

Check out our International photo album and videos to find out more.



Stonewall's Guides and Resources

EngagingUKGovt India Briefing
  • Engaging with the UK Government:  Read our International Guide full of useful tips and information on how to access the UK Government's support in your country. To order hard copies or ask for it to be translated, please contact us on:

  • India Briefing: In December 2013 the Supreme Court of India re-criminalised gay sex. Read this briefing to find out what happened, why and what can be done.

  • Russia briefing: In June 2013 the Russian Parliament adopted a law banning homosexual 'propaganda' to minors. Read this briefing to find out more about the law and being LGBT in Russia.



What You Can Do 


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It's taken us 25 years to get to where we are today in the UK. We're serious about creating change around the world. Will you help us?

Arm yourself with facts

  • Read our briefings, guides, and country updates and join the debate.
  • Watch our YouTube videos and learn from experienced international human rights defenders.
  • Visit the websites of LGBT human rights groups from countries you are interested in to find out more about their work.

Raise awareness

  • Change your social media profile picture to 'Some People are Gay. Get Over It!' in the language of your choice. We can translate it into any language you want, just let us know.

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