‘No matter who you are, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, you are a human being’ - Russian LGBT human rights defender

In 2013 Russia banned the ‘propaganda’ of homosexuality to minors. Our partners in Russia report a sharp increase in violence and a crackdown against LGBT people by the Government. The law means:

  • You can be fined for posting pictures of you and your same-sex partner on Facebook

  • Your parents can be penalised for trying to support you

  • You could be fined for marching in a Pride parade or beaten up by thugs after attending an LGBT film festival (if it isn’t shut down in the first place)

  • If you are a foreigner visiting Russia you could be deported for  showing affection to your same-sex partner in public

Stonewall’s support:

  • We worked with VICE magazine and Channel 4 Dispatches to raise awareness through documentaries

  • We work with Russian LGBT human rights defenders to help them develop the skills they need

  • We continue to lobby the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office to keep raising their concerns with the Russian Government

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