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'We are not illegal. We are full citizens of Nigeria'- Nigerian LGBT human rights defender.

The 2014 Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act violates the basic human rights of LGBT people:

  • If you’re gay you could get a lifetime sentence for marrying the person you love and your friends and family could spend ten years behind bars for attending the ceremony

  • You can even be arrested for putting your arm around your partner

  • If you’re an LGBT activist you could face a ten-year prison sentence if you try standing up for your rights

Stonewall’s support:

  • We’ve met with Nigerian LGBT activists on several occasions to help them think through their plans

  • We continue to lobby the UK Government so they keep raising their concerns with the Nigerian Government

  • We continue to lobby the UK Government to make asylum for LGBT people fairer

What you can do:

  • Be committed for the long haul and follow the debate on Facebook and Twitter 

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