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‘Every day we hear news that someone else has been victimised. I have never before seen our community hounded so persistently’ - Ugandan LGBT human rights defender

The 2014 Anti-Homosexuality Act has been declared null and void by Uganda’s Constitutional Court

This is an encouraging step but there is a long road ahead for Ugandan LGBT human rights defenders. The Act was declared invalid because the Ugandan Parliament did not follow the right procedures when they passed it, the Court did not make any decision on whether the content of the Law violates the constitution. Anti-gay politicians and religious leaders are already planning to revive the Act. It is likely that they will re-introduce it to Parliament and this time they will make sure the proper procedures are followed. It is also important to remember that under pre-existing laws it is still illegal to be gay in Uganda.

Stonewall’s support

  • We’re helping Ugandan LGBT human rights defenders think through their next steps

  • We are working with the Department of International Development to help them think through their long term response

  • We’re making sure the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office continues to press the Ugandan Government to protect LGBT people

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