Drug use

Drug use (especially amongst gay men) is one of the more heavily researched areas of LGB health issues. This is in part due to the fact that drug use is perceived to be a significant aspect of the LGB scene and community.

It is also felt that drug use leads to high risk taking behaviour, and increased likelihood of unsafe sex. This can increase the risk of being infected with HIV. There is very little research conducted into the experience of lesbians and bisexual women.

Research suggests that drug use amongst gay men is significantly higher than heterosexual men. This, again, is because many aspects of the LGB community revolve around club and pub culture. It is also suggested that increased drug use is an established part of gay culture, and that it is difficult to avoid if you are a gay man who frequents the “scene”. Research also suggests that homophobia, leading to low self-esteem, has a significant impact on the likelihood of gay people to take drugs. Gay men are also less likely to start a family, and therefore continue to attend clubs and pubs for longer than their heterosexual counterparts.


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