How to stand as a Police and Crime Commissioner candidate 

Nominations for Police and Crime Commissioner candidates closed on 19 October.

Individuals in England and Wales (excluding London) can stand to be elected in the new paid role of Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for their local police force. In London the Mayor of London fills the role.

The purpose of PCCs is to make sure there is an elected official overseeing the local police force. PCCs do not replace Chief Constables, who are unelected, but will have responsibility for holding the Chief Constable to account (including hiring and firing them), setting and updating a local policing plan and budget and engaging with the local community. To ensure impartiality, operational decisions about how to investigate crimes will continue to be the responsibility of the Chief Constable. For more information on the role of PCCs click here.

By standing as a PCC you could help deliver safer communities for everyone, as well as making sure that the issues that your local lesbian, gay and bisexual community encounter are dealt with as seriously as all others.

Nominations for candidates close on 12 noon on Friday 19 October 2012. There are limitations on who is allowed to stand as a PCC and candidates must pay a £5000 deposit, returnable only if candidates win 5% of first preference votes cast. For more information on how to stand click here.

Elections will take place on 15 November 2012. The role is paid and PCCs will be expected to take office on 22 November 2012.

To find out more about how to help tackle crime in other ways click here.

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