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We are able to distribute smaller resource requests free of charge.

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Do you send resources to addresses outside the United Kingdom?

Yes, although we will ask for a donation towards the cost of postage.

Can I download copies of your resources?

Yes, electronic versions of all our reports, and the majority of our booklets can be downloaded from here.

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You may order 1 of each workplace publication free of charge.
Alternatively you can order a total of 4 publications from our General and Research publications, and a total of 8 of our Workplace Guides, free of charge
Workplace Guides for Employers:

You may order a total of 4 Education Reports, and a total of 6 Education Guides, free of charge.
Education guides:

You may order up to 6 of the below guide for free. Please contat us if you would like more.

You may order 1 copy of this DVD free of charge
The below resource is free but we will contact you to ask for £1 towards postage for the first wall hanger that you order, and £2 towards every one you order after that
For DVD copies of FIT, our fantastic feature-length film, please use the order form found here.
You may order a combination of 10 reports free of charge
You may order 5 of each of the following booklets free of charge
'You're Welcome!' is also available in French and Spanish!
"What's it got to do with you?" booklets can be used by organisations to encourage people to complete monitoring forms. Click here for more information.
You may order a combination of 10 of the following booklets free of charge
You may order 2 of the following booklet free of charge
'Currently out of stock - Please check again later or click here to download'


You may order up to 10 "Love Your Inner Lesbian" posters free of charge


You may order up to 10 "Some People Are Gay, Get Over It!" posters, 25 postcards and 50 stickers free of charge
Please click here if you would like to order Some People Are Gay, Get Over It! t-shirts
Different Families posters, postcard, sticker sheets

sticker sheet smallMother's Day Card

You may order our up to 10 each Father's and Mother's Day cards as well as Different Families posters, postcards and sticker sheets free of charge.
Different Families - Same Care poster

You may order up to 10 free of charge
Lovehearts poster

You may order up to 10 free of charge
You may order up to 30 each of these posters & postcards for free. Please contact Info@stonewall.org.uk if you need additional copies..
Health Posters A4

These posters are designed to encourage lesbian, gay and bisexual people to access health services and also to provide information on what to do if you have a bad experience.

We're asking our supporters to help us get these posters into your local GP surgery or health centre where the message will be strongest. For more information click here.
Stonewall's Information Service
For more information on the Info Service, click here.

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very useful , want to tell my work team more

jeffries, 10 December 2010

Resources for schools

Always excellent quality, practical, and with interesting and attractive designs that make young people and adults want to use them

Sue, 08 December 2010


I'm recommending your site to other managers who are running children's centres - well over due, but they have finally realised they need to actively be seen to support lgbt parents and carers!

Jenny, 17 November 2010


Excellent resources

Maria, 17 October 2010


Thanks, these are excellent resources which I plan to use in my centre to promote mutual respect and understanding amongst my students.

Jane Humphreys, 09 October 2010


Brilliant resource library, thanks for putting this together!

A, 03 September 2010



sauro, 12 August 2010


Thanks this is so useful

Bertille, 01 July 2010


Thank you, valuable resources

Julia Martin, 26 April 2010

Religious Studies


clare, 12 March 2010

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